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Thank you. I am sure this is a tedious task. But it is good to see the progress and the problems of others.

Peace and solidarity,

Andy Anderson

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no problem - i didn't take offense. I'm a big advocate for amplifying an

international lens on this movement, and i know that's a challenge

logistically based on relationships that do or don't exist, and politically

- our media, our orgs, our culture tends to be very domestically focused.

 (even down to how google works on a per-country basis - harder to retrieve

int'l hits from US searches).


the rationale for a global narrative gets lost sometimes, but if we are to

take on Wall Street we must recognize that that means multi-national

finance / institutions and systems of global capital. It will take a

global movement to penetrate in any meaningful way. And we'll need to tell

that story here, in the belly of the beast.


according to the blurb at the end, these round-ups are compiled via news

sites, twitter, blogs, etc. on a daily basis, and Monique the woman

responsible for that seems to be very grateful for additions - either new

sites to monitor, or individual updates for a particular day. i'd

encourage anyone who is paying attention to unmapped #occupy activity in

other countries to send in submissions or suggestions.





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> thanks beka--you are fab---i wasn't adressing you at all, just my own

> thinking about what might be missing in that report, and how to

> strengthen it. please never mind my ranting --but since Rebuild The