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Hello Lisa,

Scott Olsen's health is improving every day

Thanks so much for supporting Scott Olsen. You and thousands of others sent over 2500 emails to the Mayor of Oakland and donated an un-precedented $28,000 to our special fund for Scott!

As of last night, Scott's health is much improved, and doctors have upgraded his medical condition from critical to fair. Scott is surrounded by his family, is cognizant, and is breathing on his own without a respirator. He is still not able to speak based on the fact that the injury and swelling he's experiencing is located in the area of his brain that controls speech.  But he is able to write notes to communicate and has started working with a speech therapist.

Scott is improving daily, but despite this wonderful progress, we must remember that Scott has experienced a very serious traumatic brain injury, something that thousands of service members have suffered from IED blasts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Information about his long-term prognosis is not currently available, but we know that he has a very long road to full recovery ahead of him. The support you have shown Scott will make a huge difference in his ability to heal from this terrible tragedy.

Iraq Veterans Against the War is part of the 99% - Veterans to march in NYC

Like Scott Olsen, hundreds, perhaps thousands of veterans -- including IVAW members -- have been participating in the Occupy Movement. Like many who consider themselves among the 99%, veterans face uncertain economic futures including few job prospects and rising tuition costs. In addition, many veterans return home and have to fight for their right to heal from war wounds from an under-funded VA system. Veterans know that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have drained resources from the 99% over the past 10 years. In fact, a recent Pew poll shows that only 34% of post-911 veterans think that either war has been worth the cost or sacrifice.*

That is why this Wednesday at 11:00 AM, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War will march from Vietnam Veterans Plaza to Zucotti Park in New York City - the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement - and hold a press conference explaining why veterans support the 99% and calling on other veterans and service members to join the Occupy movement in their local communities.

If you are a veteran who wants to join in this action, contact: or 646.723.0989

Veterans' Day Call to Action - Support Veterans' right to heal with a special focus on issues for Women Vets

This Veterans' Day, November 11, IVAW's Operation Recovery Campaign is focusing on the sacrifices and needs of women service members and veterans.

When it comes to the traumas of military service, the experience of women service members is compounded by the rampant sexism of the military. 1 in 3 women reports Military Sexual Trauma from sexual assault and/or harassment. Because of this, women have an increased likelihood of experiencing Post Traumatic Stress. There is often little support for women service members who are parents. Moreover, women are subjected to gender discrimination and are scrutinized above and beyond their male counterparts.

Sign up here to participate in IVAW's postcard campaign to General Campbell, the commander of Fort Hood.

At Fort Hood, Texas, where the Operation Recovery Campaign's organizing team has been focusing our efforts, it has been reported that there is only 1 counselor who specializes in Military Sexual Trauma on a base of over 50,000 soldiers and their families. There are very few daycare options for soldiers who are single mothers; one woman soldier told us that she was ordered to bring her toddler to work with her when she had trouble finding child care.

This Veterans' Day, we are calling on Fort Hood's commander, General Campbell, to support women's and all soldiers' right to heal. We are calling on the general to:

1) Improve access to trauma care at Fort Hood; and

2) Hold a public town hall meeting to address issues of untreated trauma at Fort Hood.

Help us send the General with this message. Sign up here, and IVAW will send a postcard to General Campbell on your behalf or send you postcards to distribute to your friends.

Thank you for taking action,

Iraq Veterans Against the War

* See Pew Research Center Report, "War and Sacrifice in the Post-9/11 Era"

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