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A Look at the Day's News, Opinions and Stories of the Protests on Wall Street and Beyond

NY Daily News (Edgar Sandoval, Joe Kemp): OWS protesters’ security detail sets conduct standards

Protesters in Zuccotti Park may be free spirits, but they’ve decided they need some rules all the same. And if you dare break them - you’re out. The group has formed its own security detail to enforce a code of ethics mapped out during their general assembly meeting Monday.

CBS New York: OWS takes their message to Halloween parade

The streets crawled with spooky sights, from floating eyeballs and skeletons to Occupy Wall Street protesters dressed as budget axes, for the annual Halloween parade Monday.

Huffington Post: OWS battles New York snow (VIDEO)

Occupy Wall Street protestors got their first taste of winter on Saturday as the city experienced record snow and chilling temperatures atypical of a normal October weekend.

The Guardian (Ari Paul): Occupy’s dilemma: Are police part of the 99 percent?

Despite the images of a New York police commander pepper spraying non-violent female protesters and police use of tear gas and other projectiles against Occupy demonstrators in Oakland, there is a continuous plea to the police: join us. After all, police officers' union benefits and pensions are under attack around the country, putting them in the ranks of all other public-sector workers, who make up the last remaining vestige of the American blue-collar middle class.

NY Times (Adam Nagourney): Dissenting, or seeking shelter? Homeless stake claim at protests

From Los Angeles to Wall Street, from Denver to Boston, homeless men and women have joined the protesters in large numbers, or at least have settled in beside them for the night.

Huffington Post (Trymaine Lee): Occupy Harlem: ‘Occupy Wall Street is not a white thing’

The Occupy Wall Street movement went Uptown on Friday night, as more than 100 people filled the second-floor sanctuary at St. Philip's Church in Harlem for the first general meeting of Occupy Harlem. Unlike their downtown comrades, those in attendance were mostly black and Latino, save for a handful of whites who sat and listened intently, a few lifting their fists to shouts of "Power to the People."

Christian Science Monitor (Gloria Goodale): Who is Occupy Wall Street? After 6 weeks, a profile emerges

The Occupy Wall Street signs in New York’s Zuccotti Park may be catchy, but they tell little about the nitty-gritty of the rank and file. Now, six weeks into what is becoming a global movement, pollsters and online data sources have begun to answer some basic questions about participants: What are their political beliefs and who is supporting them?

Huffington Post (Adrienne Parks): Occupy Wall Street and the gay movement

What does the gay movement have to do with Occupy Wall Street? We have a once-empowered class of people challenging powerful bullies. That should sound only too familiar. This is one of those perfect Buckminster Fuller moments of critical mass, a time like when the labor movement initially stood up, Vietnam-era anti-war protesters said, "Enough," feminists marched for equality, and the Stonewall men said, "No more."

WNYC (Arun Venugopal): Occupy Wall Street releases first financial report

In a bid to remain transparent as it amasses hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, Occupy Wall Street released its first financial report Monday. The report, compiled by the OWS Finance working group, covers revenues and expenses from September 16 through October 18, during which time the protest raised $454,437.47 in donations.

The Nation (Ben Adler): Is Occupy Wall Street responsible for a New York crime wave?

If you go down to Zuccotti Park, you’re not likely to witness any dangerous activity, but according to the conservative media the Occupy Wall Street demonstration is causing an outbreak of sex, drugs and violence in New York City. According to articles in the New York Post, and conservative bloggers, television and radio shows that take their cues from Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid, the protests themselves are not only filled with criminals, they are indirectly responsible for an increase in violent crimes miles away. There’s only one problem with the claims: they vary from thinly to totally unsupported.

Huffington Post (Art Chang): NYC’s pursuit of a model for 21st Century Democracy

Does one need any further proof of the disconnect between people and government than Occupy Wall Street? Here in New York City -- the largest city in the country, the home of Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street -- a public and private partnership is attempting to address this disconnect head-on.

Politico (Seung Min Kim): John Boehner: I understand Occupy Wall Street ‘frustrations’

Speaker John Boehner said Monday that he understood the “frustrations” driving the Occupy Wall Street movement – but urged protesters to be peaceful to prevent demonstrations from blowing out of control.

The Street (Dan Freed): Bank fee debacle is first OWS victory

For a movement without an agenda, Occupy Wall Street is off to a pretty good start--scaring JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and SunTrust Banks away from their plans to charge customers who use their debit cards to make purchases.

NY Times (Thomas Friedman): Did you hear the one about the bankers?

Citigroup is lucky that Muammar el-Qaddafi was killed when he was. The Libyan leader’s death diverted attention from a lethal article involving Citigroup that deserved more attention because it helps to explain 

why many average Americans have expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

NY Times (Bill Keller): New Delhi: Beyond Occupy

Back home, the Occupiers have been pandered to (“Love your energy!”); patronized (“Here, I’ve drafted you a list of demands ...”); co-opted by unions, celebrities and activists for various causes; demonized by the right; arrested and tear-gassed in some cities; and taken lightly by the likes of me. They have been a combination national mood ring and political Rorschach test.

NY Times (Opinion): The road ahead for Occupy Wall Street

Letters to the editor re: Friedman and Keller columns.

MarketWatch (David Weidner): Occupy Wall Street: Get real or go home

Let’s be honest. Occupy Wall Street needs some tangible goals. It needs something for which it can declare victory. It needs something that the hardcore kids can point to and say “we did it.” And it needs it soon.

NY Daily News (Simone Weischelbaum): OWS site suits impromptu businesswoman to a tee

A Midwood t-shirt maker is cashing in on Occupy Wall Street by selling her "ioccupy" wares at Zuccotti Park - and defending her hustle as part of the American Dream.

The Washington Post Blog (Greg Sargent): Did you know OWS validates the conservative worldview?

Who says income and wealth inequality doesn’t exist or isn’t much of a problem? Politico reports that more and more Republicans are seeing the need to address rising concerns about it, a clue to how much the conversation has changed.

Huffington Post (Ralph Gomory): Occupy Wall Street deserves our respect

I must admit that there is something about Occupy Wall Street that makes me think of the American Revolution. Not the fully developed American Revolution complete with an army, George Washington, and Valley Forge; I'm thinking of the earlier days, when there were only sporadic protests and occasional clashes.

NY Post (Italiano, Rosario, Fredericks): Occupy ‘ball’ street – rush for STD tests

It’s the Autumn of Love! Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to nearby health clinics for STD and HIV testing after getting their freak on in ’60s-style hookups with crusty strangers, sources told The Post yesterday.

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