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Sent time:   Tuesday, November 01, 2011 10:02:41 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] What ever happened to SEO Report cont..."Call to Action" Keywords

What ever happened to this ? What is happening to us?



On Oct 19, 2011, at 12:23 AM, zack kapone wrote:


> Sam,


> To make sure we are on the same page...When you search for "Occupy

> Wall Street" on Google, is ranked #1 and the

> is ranked #66. I don't have Analytics for NYCGA but I think it's safe

> to say that on page 7 of the search results, the NYCGA site is not

> getting too many new visitors via Google search. So, we need a tab on

> (which catches all of the newbie traffic) and sends

> them to the appropriate page on NYCGA.


> NOW, as for the appropriate page that the tab links

> to...I've seen the new NYCGA and IMO the Groups page is the best

> landing page for a new visitor who wants to get involved. However, a

> new "Orientation Page" could do a much better job at this. LETS DESIGN

> ONE!! Once the new site is up tomorrow, take a look and let me know

> your thoughts and I will wire frame an orientation page. In the

> meanwhile, hopefully Justine can get us a new "JOIN US!" tab linking

> to the groups page until we can roll out a better one.


> -Zack


> On Oct 18, 11:54 pm, wrote:

>> hi Zach -


>> This is super insightful, thanks! I think that you're analysis is

>> spot-on: I have frequently heard that for people who can't interface

>> in person at the park, it is very difficult to use the site to learn

>> how to take the next step to become involved.


>> The current site nav has pages for Groups and Resources which (aside

>> for Donate) are the sections positioned to engage people looking to

>> plug in. But these pages are a couple steps ahead of where the new

>> visitor is - they're looking to get involved, to learn more, they're

>> not yet looking for a group or for resources.


>> So I agree that the site would better support outreach by adding an

>> intuitive entry point for for "Join" or "Get Involved" or "Take

>> Action" that will provide more of an orientation before dumping

>> people

>> into groups.


>> Is something like this provided for in the new site IA?


>> - Sam


>> Quoting zack kapone <>:








>>> Thank you all for your feedback on the SEO report I did. I will make

>>> my best effort to create the same report every Sunday for the prev

>>> week and I will take into account your requests for top content,

>>> bounce rate, time on site, etc...As for the missing keywords, I left

>>> them out because there was nothing really interesting there. I will

>>> however provide a full list next time. Also, I was not pleased with

>>> the report's formatting here on Google Groups so I will be linking

>>> to

>>> the report on a Google spreadsheet.


>>> Sam had a great question on "call-to-action" keywords (Donate, Join,

>>> Help, Contact...) Well, here's the data:


>>> Keywords:


>>> "Donate to Occupy Wall Street"

>>> Rank: #1 - Lands on our Donate page (

>>> Past mo Traffic: 2781


>>> "Join Occupy Wall Street"

>>> Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page (

>>> Past mo Traffic: 1485


>>> "Help Occupy Wall Street"

>>> Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page

>>> Past mo Traffic: 1305


>>> "Contact Occupy Wall Street"

>>> Rank: #1 - Lands on Home Page

>>> Past mo Traffic: 1035


>>> Here's what we can take away from this: Because we have so many

>>> strong

>>> organic links to, ranking for our own terms can

>>> sometimes be fairly easy. Because of that (and other reasons) we've

>>> been able to raise some serious cheese through the Donate page.

>>> However, for people looking to volunteer, join, help, contact us

>>> etc...the "conversion" funnel is a bit jammed up.


>>> In my opinion, The "NYCGA" tab on is insufficient

>>> as

>>> a means to bring people in. I think we need a more clear call to

>>> action. I propose a new tab on which says "JOIN

>>> US!"

>>> and links to the groups page on the GA site:


>>> On Drew's suggestion, here is a mockup I did to communicate this

>>> idea...




>>> What do you guys think?


>>> I have CC'd Justine in on this as well.