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One young protester, a poet, has died in Oklahoma City--(his death is

not suspicious..but there are not any more details on it)


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>>> A Look at the Day's News, Opinions and Stories of the Protests on Wall

>>> Street and Beyond


>>> NY Daily News (Edgar Sandoval, Joe Kemp): OWS protesters’ security detail

>>> sets conduct standards


>>> Protesters in Zuccotti Park may be free spirits, but they’ve decided they

>>> need some rules all the same. And if you dare break them - you’re out. The

>>> group has formed its own security detail to enforce a code of ethics mapped

>>> out during their general assembly meeting Monday.


>>> CBS New York: OWS takes their message to Halloween parade


>>> The streets crawled with spooky sights, from floating eyeballs and

>>> skeletons to Occupy Wall Street protesters dressed as budget axes, for the

>>> annual Halloween parade Monday.


>>> Huffington Post: OWS battles New York snow (VIDEO)


>>> Occupy Wall Street protestors got their first taste of winter on Saturday

>>> as the city experienced record snow and chilling temperatures atypical of a

>>> normal October weekend.


>>> The Guardian (Ari Paul): Occupy’s dilemma: Are police part of the 99

>>> percent?


>>> Despite the images of a New York police commander pepper spraying

>>> non-violent female protesters and police use of tear gas and other

>>> projectiles against Occupy demonstrators in Oakland, there is a continuous

>>> plea to the police: join us. After all, police officers' union benefits and

>>> pensions are under attack around the country, putting them in the ranks of

>>> all other public-sector workers, who make up the last remaining vestige of

>>> the American blue-collar middle class.


>>> NY Times (Adam Nagourney): Dissenting, or seeking shelter? Homeless stake

>>> claim at protests


>>> From Los Angeles to Wall Street, from Denver to Boston, homeless men and

>>> women have joined the protesters in large numbers, or at least have settled

>>> in beside them for the night.


>>> Huffington Post (Trymaine Lee): Occupy Harlem: ‘Occupy Wall Street is not

>>> a white thing’


>>> The Occupy Wall Street movement went Uptown on Friday night, as more than

>>> 100 people filled the second-floor sanctuary at St. Philip's Church in

>>> Harlem for the first general meeting of Occupy Harlem. Unlike their downtown

>>> comrades, those in attendance were mostly black and Latino, save for a

>>> handful of whites who sat and listened intently, a few lifting their fists

>>> to shouts of "Power to the People."


>>> Christian Science Monitor (Gloria Goodale): Who is Occupy Wall Street?

>>> After 6 weeks, a profile emerges


>>> The Occupy Wall Street signs in New York’s Zuccotti Park may be catchy,

>>> but they tell little about the nitty-gritty of the rank and file. Now, six

>>> weeks into what is becoming a global movement, pollsters and online data

>>> sources have begun to answer some basic questions about participants: What

>>> are their political beliefs and who is supporting them?


>>> Huffington Post (Adrienne Parks): Occupy Wall Street and the gay movement


>>> What does the gay movement have to do with Occupy Wall Street? We have a

>>> once-empowered class of people challenging powerful bullies. That should

>>> sound only too familiar. This is one of those perfect Buckminster Fuller

>>> moments of critical mass, a time like when the labor movement initially

>>> stood up, Vietnam-era anti-war protesters said, "Enough," feminists marched

>>> for equality, and the Stonewall men said, "No more."


>>> WNYC (Arun Venugopal): Occupy Wall Street releases first financial report


>>> In a bid to remain transparent as it amasses hundreds of thousands of

>>> dollars in donations, Occupy Wall Street released its first financial report

>>> Monday. The report, compiled by the OWS Finance working group, covers

>>> revenues and expenses from September 16 through October 18, during which

>>> time the protest raised $454,437.47 in donations.


>>> The Nation (Ben Adler): Is Occupy Wall Street responsible for a New York

>>> crime wave?


>>> If you go down to Zuccotti Park, you’re not likely to witness any

>>> dangerous activity, but according to the conservative media the Occupy Wall

>>> Street demonstration is causing an outbreak of sex, drugs and violence in

>>> New York City. According to articles in the New York Post, and conservative

>>> bloggers, television and radio shows that take their cues from Rupert

>>> Murdoch’s tabloid, the protests themselves are not only filled with

>>> criminals, they are indirectly responsible for an increase in violent crimes

>>> miles away. There’s only one problem with the claims: they vary from thinly

>>> to totally unsupported.


>>> Huffington Post (Art Chang): NYC’s pursuit of a model for 21st Century

>>> Democracy


>>> Does one need any further proof of the disconnect between people and

>>> government than Occupy Wall Street? Here in New York City -- the largest

>>> city in the country, the home of Wall Street and Occupy Wall Street -- a

>>> public and private partnership is attempting to address this disconnect

>>> head-on.


>>> Politico (Seung Min Kim): John Boehner: I understand Occupy Wall Street

>>> ‘frustrations’


>>> Speaker John Boehner said Monday that he understood the “frustrations”

>>> driving the Occupy Wall Street movement – but urged protesters to be

>>> peaceful to prevent demonstrations from blowing out of control.


>>> The Street (Dan Freed): Bank fee debacle is first OWS victory


>>> For a movement without an agenda, Occupy Wall Street is off to a pretty

>>> good start--scaring JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and SunTrust Banks away from

>>> their plans to charge customers who use their debit cards to make purchases.


>>> NY Times (Thomas Friedman): Did you hear the one about the bankers?


>>> Citigroup is lucky that Muammar el-Qaddafi was killed when he was. The

>>> Libyan leader’s death diverted attention from a lethal article involving

>>> Citigroup that deserved more attention because it helps to explain


>>> why many average Americans have expressed support for the Occupy Wall

>>> Street movement.


>>> NY Times (Bill Keller): New Delhi: Beyond Occupy


>>> Back home, the Occupiers have been pandered to (“Love your energy!”);

>>> patronized (“Here, I’ve drafted you a list of demands ...”); co-opted by

>>> unions, celebrities and activists for various causes; demonized by the

>>> right; arrested and tear-gassed in some cities; and taken lightly by the

>>> likes of me. They have been a combination national mood ring and political

>>> Rorschach test.


>>> NY Times (Opinion): The road ahead for Occupy Wall Street


>>> Letters to the editor re: Friedman and Keller columns.


>>> MarketWatch (David Weidner): Occupy Wall Street: Get real or go home


>>> Let’s be honest. Occupy Wall Street needs some tangible goals. It needs

>>> something for which it can declare victory. It needs something that the

>>> hardcore kids can point to and say “we did it.” And it needs it soon.


>>> NY Daily News (Simone Weischelbaum): OWS site suits impromptu

>>> businesswoman to a tee


>>> A Midwood t-shirt maker is cashing in on Occupy Wall Street by selling

>>> her "ioccupy" wares at Zuccotti Park - and defending her hustle as part of

>>> the American Dream.


>>> The Washington Post Blog (Greg Sargent): Did you know OWS validates the

>>> conservative worldview?


>>> Who says income and wealth inequality doesn’t exist or isn’t much of a

>>> problem? Politico reports that more and more Republicans are seeing the need

>>> to address rising concerns about it, a clue to how much the conversation has

>>> changed.


>>> Huffington Post (Ralph Gomory): Occupy Wall Street deserves our respect


>>> I must admit that there is something about Occupy Wall Street that makes

>>> me think of the American Revolution. Not the fully developed American

>>> Revolution complete with an army, George Washington, and Valley Forge; I'm

>>> thinking of the earlier days, when there were only sporadic protests and

>>> occasional clashes.


>>> NY Post (Italiano, Rosario, Fredericks): Occupy ‘ball’ street – rush for

>>> STD tests


>>> It’s the Autumn of Love! Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to

>>> nearby health clinics for STD and HIV testing after getting their freak on

>>> in ’60s-style hookups with crusty strangers, sources told The Post

>>> yesterday.



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