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This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls
to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

Nationwide: Occupy Oakland has called for a GENERAL STRIKE tomorrow -
thousands are expected to participate including Occupy sites across
the country.

Occupy Atlanta:  Occupy Atlanta held a press conference at 10 am at
the Fulton County Court to address the sell-off of foreclosed homes
and businesses in Fulton County. “Occupy Atlanta will stand in
solidarity with those for whom the banks, after receiving bailout
funds from tax payers, refused to refinance or re-structure their
loans.” This afternoon Occupy Atlanta issued a statement saying they
will be staying on the 4th floor of Peachtree and Pine until they are
ready to re-occupy public space. The General Assembly decided to re-
occupy Troy Davis/Woodruff Park on November the 5th. And tonight at
7pm Joe Beasley will be speaking for “Homeless Memorial Day” at the
Cathedral of St. Philip.

Occupy Boston: Occupy Boston issued a statement earlier today saying
they will stand in solidarity with Occupy Oakland and the General
Strike tomorrow. The group is planning several events to make up their
Day of Action.

Occupy Cincinnati: Early Voting Today at 4:30pm. Occupy Cincinnati
joins the UFCW, Amos Project and other allies to encourage the
community to come out for early voting and celebrate Cincinnati’s
Voter Rights heroes.

Occupy Cleveland: Occupy Cleveland is holding an International Student
Break-Out from 1-9pm today. The city has extended Occupy Cleveland’s
Sidewalk Permit through November 14 – allowing the group to have a
canopy on the sidewalk. The group is still not allowed to sleep in the
square, use heaters or store any personal belongings at the site.

Occupy Colleges:  Occupy Colleges is staging National Solidarity Teach-
Ins on November 2nd and 3rd. The purpose in holding these teach-ins is
to educate interested university community members about Occupy Wall
Street, cultivate new ideas and possible solutions and ways to
contribute, and effectively participate in steering the course of the
largest social movement our generation has yet to see. Find out more

Occupy Denver: Police in Denver attempting to evict Occupiers this
afternoon . CALL TO ACTION: Help Occupy Denver. Please call
720-913-6019, 720-713-2000 or 720-713-6010 and ask the police
department to please have tolerance for the necessities of our
movement and to not make arrests, not move people, not use rubber
bullets, tear gas or any such actions. This movement is for all of us!

Occupy Des Moines: [CNN report] Occupy Wall Street activists plan to
amass in Iowa one week before the Iowa caucuses -- up to the day
they're held on Jan. 3. If the protests occur, it appears they would
be unprecedented for the Iowa caucus season. They could also spark
clashes between Occupy Wall Street activists and scores of

Occupy Foreclosed Homes:  At 11 am today, a retired sheriff's deputy
in the Bayview District set out to reclaim her former home in a
neighborhood that's been plagued by foreclosures. One organizer said
Supervisor John Avalos, who is running for mayor, and OccupySF
protesters were set to join the retired deputy for the first take-back
of a foreclosed home in San Francisco.

Occupy From Home: Check out this video explaining how you protest from
home by using credit card solicitations to make banks pay:

Occupy Nashville: [Nashville Scene report] In a victory for Occupy
Nashville today, the state of Tennessee declined to defend the
governor's crackdown on protesters at Legislative Plaza and accepted a
court order banning more arrests—at least for now. Federal Judge Aleta
Trauger said she'd already decided to issue her temporary restraining
order anyway, even if the state had opposed it. "I can't think of any
more quintessential public forum than the Legislative Plaza," she
said, calling the governor's actions "clear prior restraint of free
speech." She said she was "most gratified" and "not too surprised"
that the state was conceding the first round in the lawsuit filed this
morning by Occupy Nashville and the ACLU.

expected to participate including members of several unions - SEIU
Local 1021, UAW, Alameda Central Labor Council, Philippine Airlines
Workers, Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Oakland Teachers Union,
Carpenters Local 713 and others. ILWU Local 10 President, Clarence
Thomas, spoke during a press conference held by Occupy Oakland
yesterday: “The reason why I and other workers will be standing in
solidarity with the Occupy Oakland movement is because this is a
movement about fighting corporate rule.” Unions like ILWU and SEIU are
not legally allowed to ask workers to strike (because that could
violate the terms of their contracts); they are instead encouraging
workers to use legitimate time-off to support the General Strike.

Occupy Orlando: Occupy Orlando is holding an “Awake the State” Teach-
In tonight at 5:30pm in Senator Beth Johnson Park. The focus will be
on educating the community on voter rights, voter participation, voter
suppression and voter protection.

Occupy Philadelphia: [Local CBS report] The Nutter administration is
continuing negotiations with the “Occupy Philadelphia” protesters
encamped near City Hall, trying to convince them to move before a
renovation of Dilworth Plaza begins. Mayor Nutter himself met
privately Sunday with a group of the protesters about the current
conditions at the encampment and about the need to relocate later this
month when the plaza makeover begins.
“They have been open, they have been respectful, they have been
responsive, and I want to keep that kind of engagement going between
the city government and Occupy Philly.”

Occupy Portland: Federal officials enlisted the help of Portland
Police to remove Occupy Portland protesters from federally owned Terry
D. Schrunk Plaza this morning- 10 protesters were arrested.  And this
afternoon, Sierra Club held a rally at Occupy Portland this afternoon
to show support for the Occupy movement and to highlight the need to
end reliance on coal, oil and gas corporations.

Occupy San Francisco: [San Francisco Examiner report] “Leave Occupy SF
alone,” is the message being sent from the San Francisco Board of
Supervisors to Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Police Department.
The supervisors are poised to approve a resolution Tuesday that calls
for “no use of force to dislodge the Occupy SF demonstrators and
confiscate their belongings.”

Occupy Seattle: Occupy Seattle organizers are asking folks to rally at
Westlake Park at 6 p.m. this Wednesday. The group will march to the
nearby Sheraton hotel in downtown Seattle, where Chase bank’s Jamie
Dimon will be the keynote speaker at the Foster School of Business.

Occupy Tulsa: CALL TO ACTION: Twitter reports of eviction from Occupy
Tulsa this afternoon.  The group is asking supporters to call
918-596-7411 to complain to the city of Tulsa.

Vacaville: VIDEO: The word “OCCUPY” with a peace sign for the O
spelled out on a 30-yard section of a Vacaville hill by I-80 and
Merchant Street.

Occupy Brisbane: Occupy Brisbane reported earlier today that police
were en route to evict the group and that fences had been erected
around the encampment.

Occupy Dunedin: Protesters camped on Dunedin’s Octagon have pledged to
ignore a Dunedin City Council (DCC) trespass notice to be off the site
by 8pm tonight.

The Daily Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream using
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sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this
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