From:   Yoni Golijov <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, November 01, 2011 3:07:04 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] King Bloomberg! Hell No!
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Dear friends!

King Bloomberg is coming to Columbia to talk about "Jobs" and "Innovation"

Hell no! We want to tell him and Columbia admins that we see right through their charade!

But we  need your help!

Please come! and if you cant, still please spread the word!

Here's the blurb, forward widely! Thank you!

King Bloomberg's Coming to Town!
Thursday, November 3
He's hanging out with Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE in Low Library, Columbia U,
from 8:30 to 9:30!
They're chatting about Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

In the movement against the glaring inequalities of today's
distribution of wealth in the United States, where the 1 percent is in
possession of over 1/3 of the pie while the 99 percent struggle to
feed and clothe their children and are kicked out of their homes by
the same banks that they bailed out, nobody reeks of the problem more
pungently that Mayor Bloomberg.

He is the archetypical Wall Street Politician, no longer acting in the
interest of his constituents but in the interests of the most powerful
banks and corporations. In the just the past six months, he made $1.4
billion dollars. This figures out to about $7.7 million dollars per
day. Weekends included. Mike Bloomberg is in the .000004 percentile.
Despite his popularity and business skills, he exemplifies our
festering plutocratic system.

Meet in Morningside Park: down the steps from the 116th and
Morningside Drive entrance
at 8 am
March to Columbia!