From:   Dale Luce <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:22:05 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] financial proposal/ general spokescouncil question

Hey everyone. Its my understanding that one of the biggest function of the spokescouncil will be to handle the financial operations and funding of projects etc. My question is...Myself and other folks have formed a subcommittee from the alternative economy working group focused on starting working co-ops. We have a proposal we would like to bring to the spokescounsil on Thursday but are a little unsure of how to go about doing so.

I believe we need to submit the proposal by tomorrow at the latest, so any help with how to do so would be very much appreciated. We already have the forms from finance. I assume we need do something differently than what would need to happen for a proposal going through the GA. Thanks!