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Subject: wrapup video!!!!


On Nov 1, 2011, at 8:33 PM, Ed Knutson wrote:

I'd like to point out this video which was compiled from October 15th
footage, showing the movement around the world:

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 3:21 PM, Andrew <> wrote:
To: ALL WORKING GROUPS that Outreach, Educate, Coordinate, Act for
Solidarity of the whole for the autonomy of the individual.
We're coming together to create video content. First is a general outline
video of the entire movement to educate all, complete with succinct
facilitation/ga/consensus information/reasons.
I already shot a facilitation training video that needs to be edited, Lisa
Fithian's workshop, which can work for part of this project. We won't need
to shoot more than another half a day or so for this, and try to be
organized and inclusive when editing.
If anyone can help edit the workshop itself for me it will be a big help.
Here's a video "GA" from Atlanta of a really ironic and non-direct
democracy/consensus process, which was ows in the beginning. (Why are they
using the human mic if they have a real mic?)
Join our project organizer: -
I added the media production project.
Let's test it out for our community's great need for a succinct and
continuous narrative. All groups, track our progress on the google
group also in case this fails. Forward an email to people to come join us in
producing media. This is a trial of a system that we need that organizes
needs and offers so that people can grow together.


On Nov 1, 2011, at 1:09 PM, laura stout wrote:

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Casey O'Neill <>; Ezer Vierba
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"" <>;
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Subject: Communications from NC & SC...

Hello all
This is Charlie from the Mobile Occupation (Occupy Within Tour). Just wanted
to keep you in the loop with any communications being sent my seems
like there is a growing awareness for the need to send a team down to the
other occupations - feedback is that it is very disorganized and they can
use some help with learning how to facilitate a GA, etc.
Also, we are set to make an announce to the GA tonight - statement & minutes
are on our website.  Looking to coordinate our proposal and begin to connect
with other cities...  We are asking for your support...if you want to join
the group we meet Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 11am at 60 Wall.
Charlie (917) 930-3329

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From: Debbie Hall <>
Date: Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 10:18 PM
Subject: Hi from Charleston

Hey there,
Dallas said you guys were heading to Fla and I was hoping that you would be
able to stop in Charleston, SC on the way.  I've been on occupywallstnyc
livestream for about 3 weeks everyday and just went to our local GA meeting,
which is every Thursday.  It was unorganized with a lot of duplication
amongst committees (working groups) which I guess can go with the horizontal
model - but one faction of the group wants to be violent from what I was
told and broke off from the GA to discuss a direct action that may include
that (I was hoping they just meant civil disobedience but I was told they
actually want violence).  I think we really need a solid tethering to NYC to
get this on the right track.  We could use your help if you can stop here.
It would need to be on a Thursday more than likely, but we could possibly
organize outside those parameters if necessary.  It's a beautiful city with
some great people and you're welcome to use my home as a base -  I have room
to park the bus.
Thanks so much!
Debbie Hall (citizendeb)

From: General assembly Facilitation <>
Date: October 24, 2011 12:26:55 PM EDT
Subject: [owsfacilitation] Fwd: training/support request

Anyone want to take a trip to North Carolina?

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From: Callie Justice <>
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 10:48 AM
Subject: training/support request
To: "" <>,
"" <>

Greetings from Durham, N.C.
We are struggling in the very early stages (maybe a month) of trying to
build an OccupyDurham movement.  Things are quite challenging.  There was a
lot of initial apparent energy which seems to have dissipated quickly.  Is
there anyone there who we could bring down (providing transportation,
housing, food) for a visit to train facilitation people in working with a GA
approach/framework, and perhaps to help us digest our experiences so far and
give us some support?
I'm writing as an individual at the moment and would appreciate responses
from you all that I will then take to the group for further action.  There's
a lot of good heart here, but we are floundering pretty severely at the
moment.  It looks to me like the right help could make a big difference in
how this unfolds.
Whether you have the resources to offer the kind of help I'm looking for or
not, THANKS for all that you do!
With love and good wishes,

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