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I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, but I don't think "fascist" is an accurate way to describe him.  Fascism is a real thing, not just (as it's been misappropriated in the last generation or so) a way to describe someone whose politics you don't like.  Please don't further this by confusing Ron Paul with an actual fascist like LaPen.

At its core, fascism is about national identity, militarism, and state-directed use of privately profitible capital.  Ron Paul is about isolationism and lasseiz-faire economics.  (He's kinda about nationalism, but not in the way that makes it about bloodlines and heritage).  Ron Paul is wrong about many things, but not nearly as wrong as Marine LaPen.


Jon Good

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thanks, Charles! 
this is where we must draw the line
it's bad enough supporters of racist Ron Paul have been welcomed
LePen must be physically barred from the park

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Subject: [september17discuss] Leader of France's National Front to visit OWS on Friday - Danger!
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Hi y'all,

I just saw this article, which says that Marine Le Pen is planning to
visit Zuccotti Park on Friday:

France's National Front is a racist, crypto-fascist organization that
has used anti-imperialist pro-working class language to bolster its
popularity (a traditional fascist tactic).

DO NOT GIVE HER A WARM WELCOME, if indeed she visits on Friday.

This could be a terrible blow to the image of our movement if she is
able to pass herself off as an uncontroversial supporter. Furthermore,
the French National Front stands for everything that we at OWS are
mobilizing against.