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Another update from Mayor Quan...  See below.

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Subject: Mayor Jean Quan&apos;s Statement Concerning Day of Action Today, Nov. 2, 2011

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News from: The Office of Mayor Jean Quan

November 2, 2011

Mayor Jean Quan’s Statement Concerning

Day of Action Today

Like many Oaklanders, I support the goals of those protesting on behalf of the 99% today Police Chief Jordan and I are dedicated to respecting the right of every demonstrator to peacefully assemble, but it is our duty to prioritize public safety.

Many Oaklanders will not be participating in today’s events, even if they may support the overall goals of those demonstrating We must make sure that those who have to go to work and keep their businesses open are able to do so.                                                  

We have spent the week collaborating with the Port, county, school district officials as well as clergy, business, community and activist groups to ensure that the day goes smoothly. 

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