From:   Peter Harris <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, November 02, 2011 2:15:34 PM
Subject:   RE: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] lost items budget

Hi All,


I'm not sure how to approach my particular situation and so ask "YOU" to



I was arrested last week and my camera gear was confiscated by the police,

sent to "intelligence" to be analyzed. I have a court date in Dec and the

arresting office assumes I'll get my gear back at this time. I have spoken

with a lawyer and they have seen cases similar to mine where "evidence"

doesn't get returned for years. As a professional photographer neither of

these situations is ideal and only affects my productivity and livelihood. I

am without insurance.


To make matters worse I was having my girlfriend get my backup gear

together, in Boston, and someone broke into the car and stole it all, just

hours after she put it into the car. Although I love a good conspiracy

theory please let's not go there, I'm paranoid enough already these days.



As a member of the photographers working group, sub-group of media, one

thought is to submit a budget for "back-up" gear for our group so that in

the event that a photographers gear is stolen or in need of repairs then we

would have gear available until their specific situation is resolved.


I'm open to any ideas and have even thought of doing some fundraising on my

own behalf but this too is uncharted territory for me and could use some



All the best,