From:   Andrew <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, November 02, 2011 5:10:58 PM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] MTG 5pm 60 Wall St.

At Media Mtg Thurs 5pm 60 wall st nov 3rd, it serves us to discuss these items in this order:

1. a. Work space if not permanently, then a list of places available in the area for the next week, and the option of a somehow heated tent, livestream is working on. 
b. Storage space, and whether or not this requires budget, There are a few people on the google group volunteering storage space for the time being.  One idea has been renting a space in the area with a budget proposal. Vlad's already been researching spaces in BK. 
c. A video or flyer expressing this need, as well as have the community+contacts call out that we need a 24 hour edit space or series of spaces, by day if its all we can find. (This flyer can be made while the meeting happens)

a. Community use/Integration/Education,
b. insurance, storage, review work space.

3. Outreach 
a. Video(s) flyer as a call to anyone wanting to produce/learn together collectively & email message w flyer. (can be done at the meeting)
c. Create a google doc at the meeting with list of media contacts and resources (I.e. Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Michael Moore, Russel Simmons, the world at large etc etc).

4. Integration of Community/Volunteers:
a. Everyone pls trial run this project organizer: Click join. If this is right for now, we can put this on the flyer.

5. Charter 

Wrapup Video: accessible for edit.

Intention: To work together on creating a video that addresses the mainstream media and is able to be shown by the mainstream media, that clarifies the process and purpose of the General Assembly at Wall Street.

Most people outside the park have no idea what consensus is, nor do they know about intentional communities or gift economy. We have real solutions and education on these topics in the park. Organizing peoples' needs and offers will quickly make the 1% irrelevant.

"Consensus is not voting. It is an alternative to majority rules voting, almost the opposite. Where in majority rules, voting breeds competition and division, while almost half of people aren't behind the item voted for...:"

I'm wondering, does anyone know if we edited a video with news programs in it, would those same news programs be able to show our video?

I'd like contibutions from groups for specific parts of the video. Each group can submit a paragraph or less of information, for instance, the political reform group can write some constructive ideas and other groups can contribute values and tools.