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last week it was about NYC recruiting at Universities, the week before it was about the park. The data is always the same 81% white. Don't tell me to listen and read---you listen and you read. In fact, let the working groups check it out.

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Shasta, please read the thing before you criticize it. This is about website traffic and not people at the park. 

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It should be worth noting that this only reflects and not the movement as a whole. I do agree we need work more with civil right groups and get more people of color to participate and we need to create a safe space for females as well.

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I am sorry i don't feel safe at all with this confused propaganda it is divisive and i don't know what they are trying to prove. This kind of racism is not going away without people challenging it. I also have evidence--threatening emails written to me by Grim, I am calling her and Harrison out---I need the safer spaces working group and people of color working group to address this and mediate immediately.  i find this empirical data extremely dangerous, and thoroughly racist to the core. This is not the census bureau-- white folks are also a minority in this city, irish, italian, french, spanish, arabic, i find these labels so threatening. There is no commitment here to fighting racism or anti-oppression--i just can't believe what i am reading and why? what is the point of advertising a white majority? This is highly problematic for me. This is not in my individual hands, we have working groups that address this matter in a fair way.

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That's because it's not a pie chart at all -- all the data overlap and presumably each slice is individually 100% of the sample -- even though it gives the somewhat misleading impression that it is a pie chart, being in the shape of a pie :-) But it gives a friendly, easy read, even if it leaves out a lot of the information you gathered, like correlation of ethnicity to college.

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Very Cool!  Excellent data, and pretty on computer screen.  Caveats: Doesn't print very well.  Too dark, too much ink, words too small without enough contrast.  Also the percentages are not well represented by the size of the pieces.  Doesn't fit on 8 by 11 sheet
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This is from the data we collected off of,  

Many Thanks Sean Captin!

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