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A Look at the Day's News, Opinions and Stories of the Protests on Wall Street and Beyond

NY Post (Sally Goldenberg): Bloomberg blasts OWS as bad for Lower Manhattan businesses

Mayor Bloomberg said today that Wall Street isn't being occupied by protesters, it's all of downtown Manhattan -- and it’s bad for business.

NY Daily News (Lemire, Lovett): Sheldon Silver, other pols urge quality-of-life crackdown at Zuccotti

Powerful assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has had enough of Occupy Wall Streeters peeing and pooping on the streets - and drumming all day.

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Capital New York (Azi Paybarah): Bloomberg: Congress caused mortgage crisis, not banks

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this morning that if there is anyone to blame for the mortgage crisis that led the collapse of the financial industry, it's not the "big banks," but Congress.

Reuters (Andrew Burton, Michelle Nichols): Occupy Wall Street finds money brings problems too

Occupy Wall Street has raised more than $500,000 in New York alone to support anti-greed demonstrations and, seven weeks into the movement, protesters are finding that having money creates headaches.

Washington Post (Hugh Son): Flip flop by Bank of America, rivals on debit card fees

Bank of America Corp. and its U.S. rivals may struggle to replace the $8 billion in revenue lost because of federal debit-card rules after abandoning plans to extract more fees from customers.

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USA Today (Bruce Horovitz): Bank of America retraction shows effect of consumer rage

The Week: Bank caves on debit card fees: A victory for Occupy?


NY Daily News (Altamirano, Boyle): Veterans join OWS march in support of ’99 percent’

Dozens of veterans marched on Wall Street Wednesday in support of the “99 percent” and a young soldier injured last week when demonstrators clashed with police in Oakland, Calif.

NY Daily News (Daniel Beekman): OWS protesters anti-Obama, plan to skip ’12 elections, survey finds

More than half of the Zuccotti Park protesters voted for President Obama in 2008. But 73% now disapprove of the commander- in- chief and 25% plan to skip the 2012 election, according to a survey by Fordham University.

NY Daily News (John Doyle, Mike Jaccarino): Manifesto demands bunk, say OWS protesters

A manifesto claiming to codify Occupy Wall St.’s demands to the “1%” is circulating the city — but the real protesters say it’s nothing but a bunch of bunk.

NY Observer (Adrianne Jeffries): OW S’s balance sheet: The protest has spent only 13% of donations

Last Thursday, Occupy Wall Street’s motley finance committee passed out a balance sheet dated current as of October 18. According to the report, which the finance committee members have been refining for the past month, the protest’s general fund raised $454,437.47 in donations and spent just $55,131.85.

NY Times (Michael Powell): In staredown with Occupy protesters, Cuomo blinked

Andrew M. Cuomo is quite convinced he got to where he is today — briefly, governor, a historic victory for same-sex marriage, and heavenly approval ratings — by leaving precisely nothing to chance.

Fox News (Will Rahn): Investigation: ‘Occupy’ protesters live in mansions

Many “Occupy Wall Street” protesters arrested in New York City reside in more luxurious homes than some of their rhetoric might suggest, a Daily Caller investigation has found.

Huffington Post (Amanda Fairbanks): Occupy Colleges: Student supporters of OWS plan third act

College students at more than 70 campuses around the country will hold teach-ins late Wednesday and on Thursday as a way of building awareness and showing solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Huffington Post (Lincoln Mitchell): OWS and the dirty hippies narrative

The real heart of the conservative critique of Occupy Wall Street is clear, that the occupiers are a bunch of unkempt young people who are not good hard working Americans and are looking for a free ride.

BusinessWeek (David B. Caruso): Occupy movement getting modest help from the left

Occupy Wall Street may have the look of disorganized youth movement, but the protest encampments are also getting support from a long list of experienced, well-funded organizations, unions and political committees.

Huffington Post (Stuart Muszynski): OWS & Tea Party: Is there a bridge over America’s troubled waters?

Americans both on the left and the right are at best discontented and at worst angry. While the two sides appear to be mired in disagreement, if you look closely at the signs and slogans of the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements, they are strikingly similar: Washington is broken; the Middle Class is broke; Corporations are insensitive; Taxes are too high; We the People are not receiving value; We have no voice; Nobody cares.

Los Angeles Times: Occupy Wall Street moves to ‘South Park’ (VIDEO)

There’s a new fat cat in "South Park" tonight: Eric Cartman, with a nod to the Occupy Wall Street protests, will dub himself the newest denizen of the 1% club.


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