From:   Abraham Heisler <>
Sent time:   Thursday, November 03, 2011 12:26:15 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #Media - Report back from Occupy LA visit
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What's up, yall?


I just visited Occupy LA and would love to report back to you guys.


FIrst of all, in LA they have camped out around 3 sides of city hall.

The area of the occupation is roughly five times the size of Zuccotti

Park. There are around 500 people there occupying. It seems, about

half are there for the cause and the other half are homeless people

and/or junkies (the occupation is only a few blocks from Skid Row).

They have a large, well organized space, with lots of tents and

supplies, but lack organization on a structural level. The GA was very

poorly attended with only 50+ people showing up. There are working

groups, but lack communication between the working groups. Still, the

dedicated people there are going strong.


I stopped the media tent. They have a palace in comparison to the

media pit (now bunker) we work out of in Liberty Plaza. They have 3-4

large army style working tents lined with computers, speakers, radios,

and other equipment. I almost melted when I saw the media space they

have to work in. The problem is, they haven't been putting out too

much content. Understaffed.


When I mentioned I was from #OWS, they greeted me with huge smiles and

sat me down to explain everything I know about the NYC occupation. For

an hour they poked and prodded until they were well versed in #OWS

media history. Then it was my turn to learn a great deal from them.


They have all their media - livestream, production, photo, radio,

internet, social media, PR, etc. wrapped into one group. So, when they

asked me who ran our facebook page - I was embarrassed to say, I

didn't know. Who does run our facebook page and what is it??? Anyone



I wrote down the contacts of Occupy LA meda and will be coordinating

with them as well as putting them in touch with some of you. Tomorrow,

I will go back to attend their working group meeting and learn more

about what their strengths and needs are.


I really see the need to organize a national correspondence between

the media WGs of all occupations. This could be in the form of a

conference call or google group or both. I know there is already a

national call which has happened once or twice for reps of the

different occupations, but I think we need to get a call going just

for media groups. Since it takes so much to set up and coordinate

media, I'd like to see our communication going on a grander scale.

Let's workshop what systems for output work and what does not. Would

be great to have a media outlet that aggregates livestreams and edited

content from all the different occupations. If anyone is interested to

help me work on this or knows of similar such work already occurring,

please let me know.


Global Rev Media - Vlad, Nikky, Josh, etc - isn't this what you guys

have been working on? Let's combine efforts.


On Friday I go up the coast to the Bay Area to network with San Fran

and Oakland.


If anyone has any questions or comments for LA Media or Occupy LA in

general, please let me know and I communicate with the proper people



Attached are two photos from the Occupy LA media tent. One from

outside, the other from inside. The tent goes back beyond the black

curtain to another room with computers.


In solidarity,

-Abe H.