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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Unspeakable Situation at Media Last Night

Sorry to hear that happened to one of our MNM supporters/contributors/producers. Media badges might alleviate this issue which has gone to the "one on one mediation point".


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I'm so sorry to hear this. The security situation must stop now. Who is the ponytailed guy?

Also the toothless bald man is a usual over aggressor and needs to be spoken to, both of them by one of the badasses in safer spaces or speak easy caucus to let them know the psychological dangers of their actions.

If you are around today ananda I'd like to speak withg you. I'll be at the square in a few minutes for most of the day

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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 20:29:34 -0400
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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Unspeakable Situation at Media Last Night

Dear all,

Last night an incident occurred between me and the people at livestream that left me shaken and deeply concerned about our working ethics, democratic decision-making and what OWS can become if we do not change this actions. Upon finishing filming the Brooklyn march I went to collect my gears (backpack and camera case) that I left under the care of a gentleman by the name of Ibu (who was working as security at the moment).


Just before I got to the media booth a gentleman who told me to know Renée wanted to give me an animation he invested two and half weeks creating for our media team. I was very happy to get the animation and distribute it among the media team. I told the gentleman to accompany me to the media booth so that I could get my equipment.


Upon my arrival there a man with a short ponytail put his hand on my chest and asked me where was going to. I said to get my equipment. The gentleman working as security, Ibu, told the guy with Ponytail that it was ok since he new what my equipment was. I told the guy I was part of media and I just needed to get my stuff. I was told that I am breaking “protocols” and that I am “not authorized” to get in that area, while l the man is blocking my path.


Things got heat it up and voice was raise there. Thorne, believe his name is, made physical threat towards me. If “I find you outside I break your ass”, and “I will break your camera”. I was also accused of being a thief who has been stealing equipment from there.


People were coming to see what the convulsion was. When Thorne threat me to break my ass when he finds me outside I told to do now right then, at that moment the pony tailed older guy shouted that I was threatening Thorne. Immediately Thorne shouted that I have been stealing from there and that I am a threat.


This is my second encounter with the livestream folks who in the past accused me of being an FBI agent infiltrated in the media-working group but because I only use my front lobes I am easy to detected.


I refuse to accept that this is the collective attitude and what we, ows/media team, are standing for. Are we here just because we are not having a share of the pie in corporate America? How about bigotry and fascist tendencies? How about totalitarian tendencies, how about discrimination and racism? How about abuse of any kind?

I therefore am here calling for a meeting to discuss this issues so that this type of unacceptable abusive behavior don’t occur again and that we don’t lose potential contributors or volunteers who may want to join force with us. Ego trip, power struggle will defeat us. Together in true democracy we will be victorious.






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General Coordinator/Chair