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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Imminent eviction attempt?

this is important, but perhaps not for this list.


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Hey all,

I'm guessing some of you have seen this? it was forwarded to me this
morning. I haven't seen a thread on it so am passing it on here. Panicking
won't be helpful, obviously, but perhaps preparation?


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Date: Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 10:03 AM

Friends, allies, and troublemakers,

I heard through a back-channel (which I did not seek nor cultivate) from a
very highly-placed person in the Mayor's office that they are losing
patience with the status quo VERY quickly. This person was rather blunt and
without giving me any sort of firm timeline nonetheless made it clear that
the city has a plan, the resources, and will likely mobilize very soon
(tonight? early next week? I don't exactly know) to either clear the
occupation entirely, or remove 99% of the infrastructure currently in the
park (all the tents, sleeping bags, etc.—the plan 3 weeks ago for
Brookfield's 'cleaning').

This communication from the Mayor's office has gone to other power brokers
I'm in touch with and is being echoed and affirmed by various local elected
officials, as well as the Public Advocate's office. Press are starting to
hear ruminations too. It seems the letter
Assembly speaker Silver and colleagues may have brought the (political)
situation to a tipping point.

At this point, the combination of various implicit and damn-near-explicit
warnings has me so I wouldn't be surprised if they came in 4am tomorrow
morning. I believe we should be prepared for that.

I haven't been well plugged into contingency planning for this nor has
there been much discussion amongst this group with reports from DA affinity
groups and whoever is lately working on tactical contingency planning for a
raid. I would like to suggest that the discussion be brought to the fore
rather urgently.

Parallel to this, I have been given the suggestion that the only way to
delay the seemingly inevitable is visible, highly-touted progress on some
of the basic things that have consumed too much of my and many others'
time, including:

  - locating bathrooms for use by occupiers overnight and spreading the
  word that any public urination or defecation will risk police action
   - curbing the drumming (yes, really, the additional 2 afternoon hours
  beyond what the community board's resolution called for remains a
  significant sticking point, despite the drummers' effective
  - highlighting and touting our security and community watch system

Beyond that, we gotta just figure out how to pivot—and fast—to whatever's
next in the wake of a Liberty Square raid.


Han Shan