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I've been creating a small directory of skype contacts for livestreams / media groups in other occupations recently

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Don't forget that the PR working group has a Proactive Messaging sub-group for such strategizing.   Connect with them (us).

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Thanks for the report back Abe.
I agree - calls between media groups would be amazing.  But beyond the technical setup I think it could be an important way for us to begin discussing and focusing in on narrative and messaging.
I'm a strong advocate of proactive messaging - and I don't think any of the media working groups are effectively facilitating that kind of work.
We are NOT a movement yet.
We've tapped into a set of circumstances and a fundamental frustration with the system, but we aren't providing a cohesive message to the outside world.
I would like to see us work outside the existing structures - meaning we stop talking to press, stop doing interviews, stop attempting to control the machine, and instead, use our media resources to work to build a unified message that no one can ignore - the social and economic justice narrative.  And then educate and inspire people to think critically about their world. Livestreamed teach ins, direct action trainings etc.

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For more on Occupy LA - check out

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 11:26 PM, Abraham Heisler wrote:
> What's up, yall?
> I just visited Occupy LA and would love to report back to you guys.
> FIrst of all, in LA they have camped out around 3 sides of city hall.
> The area of the occupation is roughly five times the size of Zuccotti
> Park. There are around 500 people there occupying. It seems, about
> half are there for the cause and the other half are homeless people
> and/or junkies (the occupation is only a few blocks from Skid Row).
> They have a large, well organized space, with lots of tents and
> supplies, but lack organization on a structural level. The GA was very
> poorly attended with only 50+ people showing up. There are working
> groups, but lack communication between the working groups. Still, the
> dedicated people there are going strong.
> I stopped the media tent. They have a palace in comparison to the
> media pit (now bunker) we work out of in Liberty Plaza. They have 3-4
> large army style working tents lined with computers, speakers, radios,
> and other equipment. I almost melted when I saw the media space they
> have to work in. The problem is, they haven't been putting out too
> much content. Understaffed.
> When I mentioned I was from #OWS, they greeted me with huge smiles and
> sat me down to explain everything I know about the NYC occupation. For
> an hour they poked and prodded until they were well versed in #OWS
> media history. Then it was my turn to learn a great deal from them.
> They have all their media - livestream, production, photo, radio,
> internet, social media, PR, etc. wrapped into one group. So, when they
> asked me who ran our facebook page - I was embarrassed to say, I
> didn't know. Who does run our facebook page and what is it??? Anyone
> know?
> I wrote down the contacts of Occupy LA meda and will be coordinating
> with them as well as putting them in touch with some of you. Tomorrow,
> I will go back to attend their working group meeting and learn more
> about what their strengths and needs are.
> I really see the need to organize a national correspondence between
> the media WGs of all occupations. This could be in the form of a
> conference call or google group or both. I know there is already a
> national call which has happened once or twice for reps of the
> different occupations, but I think we need to get a call going just
> for media groups. Since it takes so much to set up and coordinate
> media, I'd like to see our communication going on a grander scale.
> Let's workshop what systems for output work and what does not. Would
> be great to have a media outlet that aggregates livestreams and edited
> content from all the different occupations. If anyone is interested to
> help me work on this or knows of similar such work already occurring,
> please let me know.
> Global Rev Media - Vlad, Nikky, Josh, etc - isn't this what you guys
> have been working on? Let's combine efforts.
> On Friday I go up the coast to the Bay Area to network with San Fran
> and Oakland.
> If anyone has any questions or comments for LA Media or Occupy LA in
> general, please let me know and I communicate with the proper people
> tomorrow.
> Attached are two photos from the Occupy LA media tent. One from
> outside, the other from inside. The tent goes back beyond the black
> curtain to another room with computers.
> In solidarity,
> -Abe H.
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