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*A look at the day's news, opinions and stories of the protests on Wall
Street and beyond*

Huffington Post (Michael McAuliff, Max Rosenthal): Occupy’s message gains
momentum in Congress with Wall Street Trading Tax

Occupy Wall Street is finding a louder voice in Congress as lawmakers
invoked its rhetoric repeatedly Wednesday in attempts to crack down on
speculation, punish dangerous mine operators and pass a jobs bill.

NY Post (Editorial): Time to throw the bums out of Zuccotti

Time's up: The Zuccotti Park vagabonds have had their say - and trashed
lower Manhattan - for long enough. They need to go. Be it voluntarily - by
packing their tents and heading off in an orderly fashion. Or by having the
NYPD step in - and evict them. But go they must: Their lease on Zuccotti
Park has expired. And it's their own fault.

NY Daily News Blog (Celeste Katz): Pols say things looking up in OWS

The city's already taking action on one of the politicos' demands --
removing some of the barriers set up in lower Manhattan so residents and
businesses can go about their day in a semi-normal way. And the pols say
they're giving credit where credit's due.

The Nation (Richard Kim): The audacity of Occupy Wall

Like a lot of the young protesters who have flocked to Occupy Wall Street,
Joe had thought that hard work and education would bring, if not class
mobility, at least a measure of security (indeed, a master’s degree can
boost a New York City teacher’s salary by $10,000 or more). But the past
decade of stagnant wages for the 99 percent and million-dollar bonuses for
the 1 percent has awakened the kids of the middle class to a national
nightmare: the dream that coaxed their parents to meet the demands of work,
school, mortgage payments and tuition bills is shattered. Down is the new

Slate (Josh Voorhees): Oakland OWS protests again turn

What was generally a peaceful demonstration in Oakland on Wednesday turned
violent overnight, with police using tear gas for the second time in two
weeks as officers clashed with a small group of demonstrators.

See Also:

Associated Press: Occupy protests go from peace to

CNN (Chris Isidore): OWS stages walk-out of Harvard econ

An Occupy Wall Street group at Harvard University staged a walk-out
Wednesday afternoon of the introductory economics class of Greg Mankiw, a
former Bush administration economic advisor now working with Republican
presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Politico (Patrick Gavin): Wall Street will ‘occupy’ social

If rage against Wall Street and economic inequality is fueling the “Occupy”
movement, its conduit to the masses (and each other) is social media— and
Twitter in particular. That message has been heard - by the other side. The
New York Stock Exchange is making Friday “Social Media Day” (the first of
its kind for the exchange) when various politicos and social media experts
will gather just blocks away from Zuccotti Park to discuss how Wall Street
can more effectively utilize social media.

Huffington Post (Joe Lapointe): Meet some of the OWS

On a ledge at the edge of Zuccotti Park on Monday afternoon sat a neatly
groomed young man wearing casual pants and a clean, light jacket. He held
two large graphs showing the distribution of wealth over the last several
decades. They illustrated how a growing and disproportionate share has gone
to the richest 1 percent.

CNN (Annalyn Censky): Bernanke chides Occupy Wall Street

America's top central banker "sympathizes" with the Occupy Wall Street
protesters and thinks many of their frustrations with the sluggish economy
are "understandable." But there's one complaint Ben Bernanke does take
issue with: the backlash against the Federal Reserve.

Huffington Post (Michael Hunt): Iowa activists: ‘Occupy Wall Street is the
third party’<>

This revolution probably will be televised. Representatives of Occupy Des
Moines on Monday announced their intention to occupy the January 3 Iowa
Caucuses. But first, they plan to make their presence felt at the campaign
headquarters of presidential candidates.

CNN (Kevin Liptak): More Americans supporting Occupy Wall

As Americans learn more about Occupy Wall Street, they are becoming more
supportive of the movement's positions, according to a new poll from ORC

Associated Press: 78 Occupy protesters arrested in September due in NYC

Dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters are packed into a Manhattan
courtroom for a hearing on their September arrests. Thursday marks the
first court date for 78 demonstrators arrested while marching from their
lower Manhattan base to Union Square on Sept. 24. Police said the
protesters were blocking traffic. Most were arrested on disorderly conduct
charges, and a few on resisting-arrest charges.

NY Post (Marsh, Goldenberg, Fredericks): Raging shop owners claim OWS
scares away customers<>

The protesters have had their say -- and now hard-working New Yorkers want
to be heard. Backlash against the chaos caused by Occupy Wall Street
intensified yesterday, as outraged family-business owners near Zuccotti
Park complained that their rights were being trampled on in the name of
free speech for the ragtag demonstrators.

NY Post (Jamie Schram): Protester busted in tent grope, suspected in rape
of other demonstrator<>

An Occupy Wall Street kitchen worker has been charged with groping one
female demonstrator -- and is a suspect in the horrifying rape of another,
law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The Brooklyn Ink (Michael Wilner): Food for OWS cabbed in from Boerum

Even diehard true-believers have to eat, and for those in the Occupy Wall
Street protest, that means eating food prepared not in Manhattan, but in

Time (Aylin Zafar): Occupy Wall Street, the coloring

Wondering the best way to explain Occupy Wall Street to your 9-year-old?
How about a coloring book? Out today, “Occupy” is a 36-page coloring book
depicting the events and opinions surrounding the Occupy movement.