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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Message from France's SOS Racisme about Frenc h National Front's possible arrival tomorrow at Zuccotti

thanks, this is great
what time again will she be there?
we should spread the word, including at the GA tonight 

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Subject: [september17discuss] Message from France's SOS Racisme about French National Front's possible arrival tomorrow at Zuccotti
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Hey everybody,

To recap, I saw this article below, which says that Marine Le Pen of
the French National Front is planning to visit Zuccotti Park tomorrow:

So I contacted SOS Racisme, a French anti-racist group.

I just got this email (translated from the French):

"Good evening,

Thanks for your email.

SOS Racisme has historically been engaged in the struggle against the
National Front, led today by Marine Le Pen. She is trying to �sell� a
more modern and less dangerous image than her father, but no one
should be fooled; their ideas are based on hate, violence, racism and

One of the best ways to welcome them would perhaps be to take our logo
and our longtime slogan �Touche pas �on pote!� (Hands off my friend)
and our little yellow hand that you can find attached here.

If not, I can put you in touch with Benjamin Abtan, can you give me
your phone number?

Thanks for choosing not to welcome Marine le Pen. Thanks for rejecting
the logic of hate and supporting the fight against racism.

Aline Le Bail-Kremer
SOS Racisme"

Would anyone be interested in printing out the images she sent me? or
making signs that say "Touche pas a mon pote" (Hands off my friend)? I
sent the images to some of the people who were in yesterday's thread.
I won't be able to be there physically tomorrow as I will be at work,
but I do feel strongly that there should be a plan in place if Marine
Le Pen does try to enter the park tomorrow or at any other time.