From:   Andrew <Andrew@TheHumanChannel.Org>
Sent time:   Thursday, November 03, 2011 3:36:07 PM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] My 6 proposed agenda items

Media Info below - - - 

At Media Mtg Thurs 5pm 60 wall st nov 3rd, it serves us to discuss these items in this order:

1. a. Work space if not permanently, then a list of places available in the area for the next week, and the option of a somehow heated tent, livestream is working on. 
b. Storage space, and whether or not this requires budget, There are a few people on the google group volunteering storage space for the time being.  One idea has been renting a space in the area with a budget proposal. Vlad's already been researching spaces in BK. 
c. A video or flyer expressing this need, as well as have the community+contacts call out that we need a 24 hour edit space or series of spaces, by day if its all we can find. (This flyer can be made while the meeting happens)

a. Community use/Integration/Education,
b. insurance, storage, review work space.

3. Outreach 
a. Video(s) flyer as a call to anyone wanting to produce/learn together collectively & email message w flyer. (can be done at the meeting)
c. Create a google doc at the meeting with list of media contacts and resources (I.e. Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Michael Moore, Russel Simmons, the world at large etc etc).

4. Integration of Community/Volunteers:
a. Everyone pls trial run this project organizer: Click join. If this is right for now, we can put this on the flyer.

5. Charter 

6. Content
a. Wrapup Video: accessible for edit. Intention: To work together on creating a video that addresses the mainstream media and is able to be shown by the mainstream media, that clarifies the process and purpose of the General Assembly at Wall Street.