From:   Alexandre Machado De Sant'Anna Carvalho <>
Sent time:   Friday, November 04, 2011 1:49:09 AM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [september17discuss] General Assemblies After Spokes Council: Redefinition of Purpose


After the introduction of the Spokes Council model in the New York Occupation to liberate the General Assembly from the burden of the daily tolls, the function of the broader General Assembly needs to be revisited. Refined or redefined. Its old function acknowledged and changed to a better one. It must serve as a floor to live and elevate the political discourse, in the commons, space where all people are invited to participate - exchange. Why not see it as a creator of public political decisions? Which the state should either gibe priority or if it can't respond, be denounced by its incompetence in providing for it. And clogged by creative radical transgressions, artistic and non-violent but still breaking the machine. 

Until it bends or breaks we march. Think outside of the state box. We are a Deleuzian Rhizome. A becoming. A multidimensional occasion for exchange, where people grow together, share, synchronize, co-create. That is the magic insight: making spaces for radical political poetry - all conversed in public! The very heart, the very purpose of the General Assembly at the occupations! It is a  human political piece in the anti-machine of life. Happiness out of the confines of the grid of capital. Every occupation is a virtual-geographical hub where people's potentials spread like a pulse through the nexus of all networks. Occupations are nexus of exchange. Freedom here is an absolute need.

The communal and political body is co-create by people. We change the historical record. Switch. We hurricaned the world, and will keep to raise the winds. The squares with a liberated GA are co-creators of artistic, educational, environmental alternatives, a mix of all aspects of public life being sewed together. politicized. politicized. A leap of faith to imagination. The GA is a space where this future is enabled. Systems are designed to create this place to strive politically.

For that ecosystem to happen, it also must be a safe space. We must be comfortable to desire a space or wish it as best as we could.

The homeless, undocumented, and other majority_minorities must be extended access to that experience, outreach must reach and invite the vulnerable. With stubbornness let's invite them to join our stand against this broken state. True radical potential lies in the bottom of the economic sphere. It is pure powder. Our purpose is to join them, not them join us, and in a spark, create a political hurricane that pushes forward, always in solidarity with the most oppressed.

Reformist or revolutionary, there is space for all. Demands or no Demands, the pissing contest doesnt matter; both can be achieved through the politically inflamed squares! All the social movements building solidarity at the squares, gathering forces, exchanging, synchronizing actions to be unleashed like a network pulse. We converge, merge and emerge through the squares. we are the perfect structure to deliver radical pulses of direct action, transgressive-creative non violence at its best. Political blows, synchronized through all layers of the network.    

Revolutions must radicalize the base its territories. Let's keep encouraging the struggle to be taken to institutions, - and let's keep realizing how radical #occupy is and can push even further. #occupy is a Deleuzian Rhizome!

If our network of occupations attacks together - nothing can stop us. We rise in political pulses, through all our layers of action. We are a network that stings. That stings oppression by rising together. (national, state, city, etc; in and outside the state - the struggle is at all layers and more effecitve if in synchronization.

: {IP} : Insurrectionist Pulses.