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We can definitely create several panels like this.  I know many of these people and others similar to their experience who want to speak.  I've brought several of them to the Park, only to have people facilitating the GA completely blow us off because they are clueless to who the people even are.  It has gotten so bad / disrespectful that I don't even ask people to come anymore.  We will help direct people to a set panel, otherwise we need to get GA  facilitators who understand economics. 

On 11/3/2011 3:46 PM, J.A. Myerson wrote:

Here's a list I formed, when trying to get a friend who has some clout with this type of person to commission a panel on just that question.

Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research

Rick Wolff, Professor of Economics Emeritus, UMass Amherst

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winning professor at Columbia University

Paul Krugman, Nobel prize-winning professor at Princeton University

Margaret Simms, recipient, Samuel Z. Westerfield Award from the National Economic Association

Heather McGhee, Washington Director of Demos

Nomi Prins, Senior Fellow at Demos

Yves Smith, Principal of Aurora Advisors, Inc. and publisher of Naked Capitalism

Heidi Shierholz, Expert at the Economic Policy Institute

Dorian Warren, Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute

Bill Fletcher, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the International Labor Rights Forum

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Ha Joon Chang

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> If time and space were irrelevant, who would be your dream list of
> economists to speak about the Occupy movement and be able to tie the
> struggle to possible solutions?

J.A. Myerson