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Sent time:   Friday, November 04, 2011 8:48:13 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Occupy Boston - Paul Fetch - BANNED

On his website he calls himself, "The Leader of Anonymous"....?




This guy is like right out of a Saturday Night Live sketch character. :-)




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> I received this from our brothers & sisters in Boston please spread the word

> and keep trolls like this out of the Occupation. It is also believed that

> Paul and Sydney are likely to come to NYC.


> ________________________________


> November 3, 2011


> Proposal to Ban Paul (Fetch) Carnes and Sydney Sherell from Speaking for

> Occupy Boston and the General Assembly.


> Whereas Carnes and Sherell have previously been banned from the Financial

> Accountability Working Group (FAWG) for inappropriate handling of funds and

> unsavory behavior, and


> Whereas Carnes and Sherell have already been brought before mediation and

> were asked to cease and desist actions on behalf of Occupy Boston, and


> Whereas Carnes went to Occupy Cleveland, claiming to have been sent from

> Occupy Boston, and to be a representative of the National Lawyers' Guild,

> and attempted to claim vertical leadership there, much like he did here, and


> Whereas Carnes and Sherell passed out a flyer at camp dated November 2, 2011

> that was not approved by the GA, the Media Working Group that issues

> releases, or any form of consensus with the movement, which read: “Occupy

> News: Occupy Boston Resolves Legal Dispute. Last night the General Assembly

> welcomed Paul Carnes and Sydney back to Occupy Boston with open

> consensus-hands followed by an announcement by the Financial Accountability

> Working Group (FAWG) of Occupy Boston. The announcement stated that Carnes

> and Sherell have reached an agreement with members of the financial working

> group on behalf of Occupy Boston to work out their differences after weeks

> of a communication break-down and an intensive mediation lead by the

> attorney David Kelston. Over 150 news articles and blog post were written

> about this issue alone... When Carnes and Sherell took the stage at General

> Assembly, it was clear that lessons have been learned, their motives were

> pure at heart, and they truly care about the occupation... The goal is to

> unite together and fight for what we believe, in solidarity for the good of

> us all. Both Carnes and Sherell came to an agreement with Occupy Boston to

> do just that. All is live and well in Occupy Land,” and


> Whereas Carnes and Sherell have set up a series of fundraising sites

> purporting to be for Occupy Boston among other occupations but are not part

> of FAWG, and


> Whereas Carnes has attempted to remove previously published information

> about his unsavory activities from the Occupy Boston website, and


> Whereas Carnes and Sherell have shown repeatedly that they have no respect

> for horizontal democracy, of the wishes of the General Assembly, and are

> still attempting to manipulate both Occupy Boston and the people outside of

> the movement,


> Therefore, this ad-hoc group of concerned individuals propose the General

> Assembly of Occupy Boston agree by consensus to not allow Paul Carnes to

> represent Occupy Boston in any capacity. Should Paul Carnes or Sydeny

> Sherell attempt to speak for the movement or Occupy Boston again, further

> releases and proposals will be issued to make it clear they are not

> representatives of Occupy Boston. We will continue to disseminate this

> information about Paul and Sydney to the entire global movement including

> Occupy Together as well as individual occupations.


> Paul Carnes and Sydney Sherell are also hereby removed, which means no

> longer allowed at Occupy Boston sites.