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A look at the day's news, opinions and stories of the protests on Wall Street and beyond


NY Daily News (Juan Gonzalez): Bloomberg, Cuomo deaf to suffering masses as OWS grows

In just a few months, Occupy Wall Street has mushroomed into an astonishing nationwide movement against corporate greed and political corruption in American life. In New York, where the entire movement started, establishment politicians like Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo just don’t get it. They are oblivious to how deeply this new movement’s fury resonates with the public.

NY Post (Editorial): Decision time for City Hall: Does Occupy Wall Street stay or go?

I agree that enough is enough and that if we had a real leader as our mayor, this would have been under control from the beginning and over by now. I don’t think Rudy Giuliani would have allowed lower Manhattan to become a haven for freeloaders and criminals who rob and rape.

Huffington Post (Michael McAuliff): Senate Dems says Occupy will dominate 2012 elections

Democrats' strategy for keeping control of the Senate next year includes running on the message of Occupy Wall Street, minus the drums and hemp necklaces.

Reuters (Mark Egan, Chris Francescani): Bloomberg lashes out at OWS protesters

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at anti-greed Occupy Wall Street activists on Thursday after reports of self-policing, his patience seeming to wear thin with the seven-week old movement.

Associated Press: Occupy protesters declare victory at shipping port

Occupy Wall Street protesters have declared victory after shutting down evening operations at one of the nation's busiest shipping ports and begun leaving the area.

Associated Press: Palin: Wall Street protesters seeking bailouts

Sarah Palin told Republican donors Thursday that Occupy Wall Street protesters want the same thing as the "fat cats" they're upset with — a government bailout.

ABC News Blog (Russell Goldman): Bachman targets Occupy Wall Street

Politics, not capitalism, is to blame for the economic crisis and Occupy Wall Street protesters should target Washington rather than businesses that create jobs, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., said in a speech today in Ames, Iowa.

NY Post (Kevin Fasick): Deranged homeless man goes on violent rampage in Zuccotti Park

This is the new face of Zuccotti Park! A deranged homeless man who has been squatting among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in lower Manhattan went on a violent, early-morning rampage yesterday, cursing incoherently and kicking down tents.

NY Post (Kevin Fasick, Bob Fredericks): Sachs and sex add to insanity

It’s gone from simple chaos to sheer madness. The violence and depravity continued to mount at the Occupy Wall Street protest yesterday, as cops busted 16 people for blocking the entrance to Goldman Sachs and an Alabama woman came forward to report yet another sick sex attack at Zuccotti Park.

Huffington Post (Ethan Rome): Occupy the Kochs, and stop the corporatization of America

Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing advocacy tool of the infamous Koch Brothers, is hosting a national conference Friday and Saturday cynically called, "Defending the American Dream." Featured speakers include Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani. They've got workshops on topics like killing collective bargaining and repealing health care reform.

Associated Press (Tamara Lush, Verena Dobnik): Vendetta masks become symbol of movement

Look at a photo or news clip from around the world of Occupy protesters and you'll likely spot a handful of people wearing masks of a cartoon-like man with a pointy beard, closed-mouth smile and mysterious eyes. The mask is a stylized version of Guy Fawkes, an Englishman who tried to bomb the British Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605.

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