From:   Dallas <>
Sent time:   Friday, November 04, 2011 10:38:41 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Fwd: MobileMatters

will do!


On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 12:25 PM, Victoria Sobel <> wrote:

> hey dallas this is actually all the info i have, i was approached by this

> woman at the park the other night. so maybe just check out their site and

> shoot her an email saying i passed along the info :)


> On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 12:18 AM, Dallas <> wrote:


>> I want to check this out.


>> please email me direct at


>> great to alert shooters to actions and need for media coverage.


>> On Nov 3, 2011 9:38 PM, "Victoria Sobel" <> wrote:



>> hey guys here's that texting service i was talking about, here's the info-

>> this would probably be useful for coordinating efforts even larger than our

>> own! is anyone interested in helping follow up? this kind of thing really

>> isnt up my alley and i have no idea how to help besides spreading the word!

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>> From: Dayna R <>

>> Date: Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 3:55 PM

>> Subject: MobileMatters

>> To:



>> Hey Victoria!

>> We met yesterday I just wanted to follow up with you on Mobile Matters.

>> Here's the website where you can read more about what they do:


>> I'm friendly with the people who run it, so I emailed asking about how

>> much it would cost if OWS was interested in using the service and they said

>> it would be free. Also:

>> Dayna, we can def help out. There won't be any costs involved, just time.

>> We can get you started and strategize re: how to get people to opt in for

>> alerts, etc., and ultimately its best for someone who's computer savvy to

>> train on the platform and learn how to send out alerts from the

>> MobileMatters platform. Andrew or myself will be in touch soon with more

>> details. Glad you reached out. We are happy to help.

>> Andrew did follow up with more details (I'm not sure what FB group he's

>> referring to, so don't worry about that):

>> I would like to set up a text alert system for everyone in the fB group,

>> to serve as another way to keep everyone informed, and to alert members in

>> real-time.

>> Text messages have a near-100% "open/read rate". When you get a text, you

>> see it, and read it. That is a huge differentiator between Facebook posts,

>> "tweets", etc.

>> Let's jump on a call to discuss. I can set up the text campaign very

>> easily (e.g. "text OCCUPY to 55678"). From there, you/others. can send out

>> text alerts at any time. I'll set up a username/password for you guys at

>> and you'll be good to go.

>> Lastly, we have a fB app that allows folks to sign up for text alerts

>> right from the fB page. Real cool.

>> I think it would be a great way for things like directing marches, letting

>> people know when certain big events and meetings are happening, etc. It can

>> even be used as an emergency call for reinforcements since we should be able

>> to break it out into sub-accounts depending on alert type.

>> What do you think?

>> Hope to see you soon,

>> Dayna