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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Message from France's SOS Racisme about Frenc h National Front's possible arrival tomorrow at Zuccotti

Are there any updates about how the situation is being dealt with? Was

there a GA announcement? Are there signs made or a strategy for when

she arrives?


I'm worried about her arriving and managing to blend in with people

who understandably don't know who she is and what she really



I get off work at 6 and will come down to the site just in case, but I

think she'll probably arrive between now and the late evening, as she

is supposed to travel to Florida at some point today.




On Nov 3, 2:47 pm, Charles <> wrote:

> I have no idea what time she (Marine Le Pen) will try to be there

> tomorrow, all I have to go on is that newspaper article. I have done a

> bit of research online and other than that article, which says she

> will try to show up on Friday (tomorrow), other articles simply say

> that she will try to show up while she is in the country. I think we

> should expect her to arrive tomorrow during the day, but if she

> doesn't materialize, stay vigilant over the weekend.


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> > thanks, this is greatwhat time again will she be there?we should spread the word, including at the GA tonight


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> > Hey everybody,


> > To recap, I saw this article below, which says that Marine Le Pen of

> > the French National Front is planning to visit Zuccotti Park tomorrow:


> >


> > So I contacted SOS Racisme, a French anti-racist group.


> > I just got this email (translated from the French):


> > "Good evening,


> > Thanks for your email.


> > SOS Racisme has historically been engaged in the struggle against the

> > National Front, led today by Marine Le Pen. She is trying to &#65533;sell&#65533; a

> > more modern and less dangerous image than her father, but no one

> > should be fooled; their ideas are based on hate, violence, racism and

> > anti-Semitism.


> > One of the best ways to welcome them would perhaps be to take our logo

> > and our longtime slogan &#65533;Touche pas &#65533;on pote!&#65533; (Hands off my friend)

> > and our little yellow hand that you can find attached here.


> > If not, I can put you in touch with Benjamin Abtan, can you give me

> > your phone number?


> > Thanks for choosing not to welcome Marine le Pen. Thanks for rejecting

> > the logic of hate and supporting the fight against racism.


> > Sincerely,

> > Aline Le Bail-Kremer

> > SOS Racisme"


> > Would anyone be interested in printing out the images she sent me? or

> > making signs that say "Touche pas a mon pote" (Hands off my friend)? I

> > sent the images to some of the people who were in yesterday's thread.

> > I won't be able to be there physically tomorrow as I will be at work,

> > but I do feel strongly that there should be a plan in place if Marine

> > Le Pen does try to enter the park tomorrow or at any other time.


> > Cheers,


> > Charles