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Anyone want to cover this tomorrow?=

It starts at 2 in liberty and then we're going to foley at 3.

They're going to have a hug awesome puppet to film, and some great speakers. 

Occupy Wall Street to Obama: Don't Be Big Banks' Puppet

President Obama is on the brink of cutting a backroom deal that would give bankers broad immunity for illegally throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of their homes. The administration is pressuring state Attorneys General to undermine an ongoing investigation into the massive "robosigning" fraud, in exchange for a payoff by the banks. 

This is a clear, moral issue that cuts to the core of why we occupy. Instead of throwing corrupt bankers in jail, the administration is pushing to give them a get out of jail free card. 

President Obama and the Attorneys General have a choice: do they stand with Wall Street, or do they stand with the 99%? 

The occupy movement spread throughout the country because the American people will no longer stand for the corrupt bargain between corporate and government elites. 

We will not stand for a country where bankers that issued deadly mortgage backed securities are bailed out, but homeowners with mortgages are illegally thrown out on the street. 

We will not stand for a system that gives campaign contributors a right to immunity, but doesn't give people the right to a home. 

We will not stand for a country where the 1% rule and the 99% have no voice. 

We will not stand for President Obama acting as Wall Street's puppet.

On Saturday, November 5th, Occupy Wall Street is marching from Liberty Plaza to the United States Court House at Foley Square to stand against this bankrupt deal. On November 5th, tens of thousands will move their money from the big banks to protest their corruption. We call on fellow occupiers across the country to join us in protest against the big banks and their political allies.