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Updates from Colorful Mamas of the 99%, an Oakland-based group of moms of color mobilizing in solidarity w/ #occupy.  They just did an "occupation" of a Wells Fargo Branch with their kids, closing accounts there, held a stroller march, and did a "mama's mic".  :)

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Subject:  Occupy Preschool update - we did it! Press, Mamas mic, and some thoughts


Just wanted to post the outcome of the occupy preschool action I mentioned earlier this month.  It went down today with the leadership of several folks on this list (Kimi Lee, Brenda Salgado, Lisa Russ, Taj James) and MANY others.  Below are some of the articles we've found so far - lots of press came out.

This is an example of an autonomous action that projects the OWS message and puts women of color leadership and families front and center.  We really feel like these kinds of actions help to build the broad movement that is growing at this moment - broad enough to change society.  It shows folks that may never visit an encampment that this movement includes them and that they have agency.  Its our little contribution and are so moved by everyone who is standing up from wherever they are.

Beka - we checked out and loved the Parents Occupy Wallstreet site... is there a way for us to share with them?

Also below is part of how the mamas mic (portable people's mic) turned out during the General Strike on Nov 2nd.  I'm searching for footage of the ~10 mammas who spoke about their visions for the future.  It was really moving.  We are talking about doing more people's vision mics on street corners in the next few weeks with folks at work. (moms and kids occupy Wells Fargo, close accounts) (Stroller pushing moms protest big banks)

Mama's Mic at General Strike:

Friend Colorful Mamas of the 99% on Facebook if you want more info :)  Will be posting a toolkit in next week/s. 

So proud of Oakland right now!

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