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do you think I should go?  
yesterday made me sad and uncomfortable.  More importantly, I have no personal experience with what people are mediating.  Yesterday, once everyone was there, I’d had enough of the unhappiness (and pizza smell) so I said I was leaving because I had nothing to contribute because I’d had great experiences with “both” groups.    I considered baking goodies for tomorrow night’s meeting to put everyone in a good mood, but that’s too much about me, and how I want everyone to get along.  I think I’m better off stepping away...

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Awesome,thanks. I hope space can be discussed tomorrow in mediation.

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At our mediation session yesterday we agreed to continue this sunday 5pm at 60 wall. please make the ppl aware who had to leave early or could not come but want to be part of this process. if you cannot come, please call me in advance: 347 707 3082. so we know who will come, avoid waiting and can be respectful with everyone's time. thank you very much. hope you have a beautiful weekend!