From:   Ras Arthemio Selassie <>
Sent time:   Saturday, November 05, 2011 7:02:08 PM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Mediation Update

hello, this is a reminder that I won't be able to make it to the mediation meeting tomorrow.


On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 8:43 PM, Dallas <> wrote:
it's as much about the process as any resolution.  clarity,
transparency, integrity.   truth.  unity.   collaboration.

it is a bit of an intense flow sometimes, but overall, I think it's
good to air things out as clearly as possible.

On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 8:21 PM, Steven Macchia <> wrote:
> I would never complain about your delicious baked goods.
> On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 8:16 PM, Sarah Tuft <> wrote:
>> do you think I should go?
>> yesterday made me sad and uncomfortable.  More importantly, I have no
>> personal experience with what people are mediating.  Yesterday, once
>> everyone was there, I’d had enough of the unhappiness (and pizza smell) so I
>> said I was leaving because I had nothing to contribute because I’d had great
>> experiences with “both” groups.    I considered baking goodies for tomorrow
>> night’s meeting to put everyone in a good mood, but that’s too much about
>> me, and how I want everyone to get along.  I think I’m better off stepping
>> away...
>> On 11/5/11 8:00 PM, "Nicolas Isabella" <> wrote:
>> Awesome,thanks. I hope space can be discussed tomorrow in mediation.
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>> On Nov 5, 2011, at 16:37, Fix <> wrote:
>> At our mediation session yesterday we agreed to continue this sunday 5pm
>> at 60 wall. please make the ppl aware who had to leave early or could not
>> come but want to be part of this process. if you cannot come, please call me
>> in advance: 347 707 3082. so we know who will come, avoid waiting and can be
>> respectful with everyone's time. thank you very much. hope you have a
>> beautiful weekend!

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