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Santa Claus has roots in an anti capitalist populist tradtion he was

based on the image of a robber barron but this one was supposed to give

for free instead of exploit. Not saying this says any thing about

chirstmas today just a bit of history


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To all Occupations and Working Groups (yes i'm funny tonight):


Please spread this idea about this mass culture subversion to happen

on December 25th: as live human beings filled with creative potency,

subvert the mass culture of alienation produced by the capitalist

machine. Yes, people! Denounce Santa Claus as a tool of the state,

spread the insurrectionist pulse against oppresion all over the

#occupynetwork. We are a network that stings. Fuck oppression.



As we #occupied (and liberated) Halloween here in NYC, start your own

automous deterritorialization of #Christmas! If you are an anarchist,

you probably want to write operation #fuckchristmas. If you are a

foodie, operation #eatchristmas. And so forth. Bleh. You get it.


Please invite and embrace the cause! For cultural upheavel action,







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