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Don't fuck with Santa.  Instead reframe the holiday season to be one of caring for the less fortunate, away from unsustainable greedy consumerism and towards giving gifts of peace, love, service and charity.  You could turn this to quite an advantage without bludgeoning a family tradition - as in, for many families, the only time they all get together under the same roof - into a pulp.

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Santa Claus has roots in an anti capitalist populist tradtion he was based on the image of a robber barron but this one was supposed to give for free instead of exploit. Not saying this says any thing about chirstmas today just a bit of history

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To all Occupations and Working Groups (yes i'm funny tonight):
Please spread this idea about this mass culture subversion to happen on December 25th: as live human beings filled with creative potency, subvert the mass culture of alienation produced by the capitalist machine. Yes, people! Denounce Santa Claus as a tool of the state, spread the insurrectionist pulse against oppresion all over the #occupynetwork. We are a network that stings. Fuck oppression.
As we #occupied (and liberated) Halloween here in NYC, start your own automous deterritorialization of #Christmas! If you are an anarchist, you probably want to write operation #fuckchristmas. If you are a foodie, operation #eatchristmas. And so forth. Bleh. You get it.
Please invite and embrace the cause! For cultural upheavel action, hurray!

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