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I thought perhaps this year Santa will come with the Anonymous mask---

but like Santa Claus, the mask of "Anonymous" is also the private

property of corporations. Everything gets co-opted by Corporations to

make a profit. This is called the "Department of IRony" ---

we need to be MORE ironic....



On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 9:34 AM, shaista husain <> wrote:

> Folks, believing the myths of Santa Claus is not innocuous. Perhaps,

> this myth is not as ignorant or dangerous as believing in the myth of

> Christopher Columbus discovering America, but still, to perpetuate the

> myth of Santa in a capitalist culture is to give in to the worse

> advertisements every created and perpetuated. Perhaps there is a way

> to recuperate poor ole Santa to our side against consumerism gone

> wild...--(Dave Chappelle  Here is another

> funny video clip from the film Divine Intervention by Palestinian

> Filmmaker Elia Suleiman, and this takes place in Nazareth...

> (

> Maybe we shouldn't destroy poor Santa, maybe we can turn him into

> Robin Hood or use the mythology against consumerism etc. Peace and

> respect all religions even children's fantasies...

> Eid Mubarak folks! and Happy Hannukah and Happy Kwanzaa!


> On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 8:01 AM,  <> wrote:

>> I agree that messing with christmass is dangerous, although I think it is

>> possible to make fun of the most crass commercialism and at the same time

>> celebrate generosity.



>> On 11/06/11, gail zawacki<> wrote:

>> Don't fuck with Santa.  Instead reframe the holiday season to be one of

>> caring for the less fortunate, away from unsustainable greedy consumerism

>> and towards giving gifts of peace, love, service and charity.  You could

>> turn this to quite an advantage without bludgeoning a family tradition - as

>> in, for many families, the only time they all get together under the same

>> roof - into a pulp.


>> On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 12:25 AM, <> wrote:


>>> Santa Claus has roots in an anti capitalist populist tradtion he was based

>>> on the image of a robber barron but this one was supposed to give for free

>>> instead of exploit. Not saying this says any thing about chirstmas today

>>> just a bit of history


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>>> To all Occupations and Working Groups (yes i'm funny tonight):


>>> Please spread this idea about this mass culture subversion to happen

>>> on December 25th: as live human beings filled with creative potency, subvert

>>> the mass culture of alienation produced by the capitalist machine. Yes,

>>> people! Denounce Santa Claus as a tool of the state, spread the

>>> insurrectionist pulse against oppresion all over the #occupynetwork. We are

>>> a network that stings. Fuck oppression.



>>> As we #occupied (and liberated) Halloween here in NYC, start your own

>>> automous deterritorialization of #Christmas! If you are an anarchist, you

>>> probably want to write operation #fuckchristmas. If you are a foodie,

>>> operation #eatchristmas. And so forth. Bleh. You get it.


>>> Please invite and embrace the cause! For cultural upheavel action, hurray!



>>> Alę

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