From:   J B <>
Sent time:   Sunday, November 06, 2011 10:32:03 AM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Livestream should not have filmed Oakland riot on Nov. 2

These are actions that occurred. This movement is about transparency. My vision, which is shared by others, is that the livestream exists as a window into the movement.  Our ability to editorialize is greatly diminished by livestream, which makes it WAY more honest than MSM.  People simply watch and make their own decisions.  We try not to tell them how to think.  For us to not cover police teargassing and flashbanging and shooting people with rubber bullets when livefeeds exist would be doing a disservice to our audience.  And in fact by getting 10,000+ people to watch at 4am we may actually be providing security to Oakland against police brutality.  (ABC had an aerial chopper video that cut off right as police moved in, corp coverup attempt?) The livestreamer in Oakland helped the narrative too,  by explaining that fires were lit in response to teargas, to burn it off. By explaining that the building they had occupied was foreclosed and in the past, provided services for the unemployed and homeless.

Earlier that day, I was monitoring the livefeed when the vandalism started.  Almost instantly others took action to quell the vandals and we showed the world, video of OWS standing up to violence. This changed the narrative on the social web instantly.

As for the video of the bank window being broken, I haven't seen it.  Will watch it now. But I believe that its been made clear enough at this point that those were the actions of a rogue group.

Thanks for your concern.  Let me know if you're still confused,


On Nov 6, 2011 1:01 AM, "Urbaned" <> wrote:
The first sentence on the homepage of the global revolution livestream says that nonviolent protests from independent videographers will be filmed. On Nov. 2, the journalist was filming the riot and calling on all of his friends to tweet the action. Soon, 10,000 collective people were watching on the global revolution and Oakland sites. To this day, the Oakland Occupy Site has a youtube of the bank window being smashed as a statement of victory. I'm confused and concerned about this.