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Sarah, I'm of course not participating in the media group's work and can't comment on that, but I'd like to highlight that much of what Andrew is talking about are things that the other comm cluster groups need to focus on, and his points are well taken in that regard - video is key and getting a high profile channel to put out what you all are producing should be a high priority given how we're being bombarded with negative press accounts.


On 11/06/2011 12:54 PM, Sarah Tuft wrote:
I got the impression from yesterday’s meeting that right now, equipment shortages are the biggest obstacle to realizing your great vision.  Maybe that’s why budget and infrastructure are dominant meeting topics. But even with our shortage of resources yesterday, the group managed to organize some documenting of yesterday’s events from the list that David supplied.  

As I said to Dallas, I’d be interested in us using story, satire and humor to counter the impression mainstream media creates of us (The Post coverage, Guiliani’s ridiculous comments.)  But that seems like a “luxury item” right now.  Until we are up and running – with space and cameras – it strikes me that the group’s will is that the priority is documenting without being a filter, as Josh said.  I wish we had more control of what the press says, but maybe you never really do...  Apparently Rosie O’Donnell was at the park yesterday and wanted someone “who was there from Day One” to walk her through.  To my mind, if someone high profile is interested in learning about the Occupy movement, they should also be taken to 60 Wall Street and sit in on some meetings as well, especially as the park develops an aspect that’s not motivated by principles of concern for others.  And Justin was amazing on NPR, but when you go on Colbert, you have to be ready for some skewering...

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 Christian et al lovely people,I love the audience analysis and will fill in for media. I noticed there were no media production notes in the recap. I'm in massachusetts right now, talking to people who think ows its trust fund kids and dirty people, for the reason that we have not come together to realize video is our greatest asset. We need a video put out by the movement that becomes very popular, and this can represent us honestly. I ask that everyone take a moment to think why videos are not being pumped out daily by a conveyer like system in the name of the GA, and consensus itself. (Will someone join me in expressing on audience analysis pls?), internet wg, open source ( are all trying to figure out a plugin or original code for a project organization tool that would allow users to: Submit creative ideasHave profiles indicating involvement/experience so that: Ability to volunteer for shifts and projects and submit chores that need to be done in general, for users to "check off" which shows on their profile. Catalogue of projects w categories: outreach, education, coordination, action, direct democracy process, wg's, sub wg's, channel, series, campaign, + other relevant tags and topics.Needs and offers posted categorized for: individuals, the movement, and most importantly the needs of a certain project. I invite anyone to join my initiative to write out all the functions you see as needs, as open source and internet work on this. Btw for developers to volunteer spread this link: that time we'll use a combination of , google docs any other suggestions for media ppl to plugin instantly? This stuff we need on the front page along w news feed and dir dem process/how to. I'm at occupy Boston tonight, and will be at tues mtg. Pls anyone get in touch for "business/plan/web specs/charter for media and internet/ and media production in general. Being away makes me love this movement even more.A
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Subject: [NYCGA-IWG] Communications Cluster Meeting - Tonight, 7pm
 Hi All,
 Sorry for the late notice (and it seems to have dropped off the events list), but tonight is the weekly communications cluster meeting at 7pm at the Atrium in 60 Wall St.  We made a bunch of progress last meeting, but still haven't made it all the way through the audience analysis chart <> .
 Also, attendance at the meeting is dwindling:(  Right now the meeting conflicts with a Internet WG meeting and I'm guessing people are fried by the end of the weekend and don't want to finish with a late meeting.  I'm going to propose that we move the meeting to Tuesday at 7pm, right after the Info WG meeting.  How do people feel about that?
 Notes from last meeting (also included in the audience chart):
 1. The Spokescouncil has come up with a way to catagorize working groups so the website can just follow that; we don't have to float our own proposal.
 2. We went through about a third of the audience analysis chart <>  and came up with the following takeaways:
  • Outreach is doing inreach to link occupiers and WGs.
  • Want to get liaisons for each group [Drew (Open Source), Ronnie (Outreach)] - ? was this for internet, info or the cluster; can't remember?
  • Reach people without internet and who can't go to the park easily: Information hotline with events/announcements.  Info will own.
  • The community relations hotline is also getting lots of general questions - we should push these people to the website and/or record some basic FAQs on the outgoing message.
  • Need to write up and distribute the process for getting materials printed by outreach.  [Jonathan will draft and distribute]
  • Info and Outreach will collaborate on general orientations for new working groups. Leia is producing a pamphlet of info for WGs as well.

  • Social Media: we should have structure for naming handles and hash tags.  Should we also have shared accounts [Christian has ows_movement and ows_nycga that could be used collectively]. Training is most important to get more people using sm.  Also, we could feed the RSS of the events page to twitter.  DiceyTroop had a meeting about tweeting and we need to get looped into that conversation.

  • Good to have an online database of groups active in NYC communities (though there are thousands)
  • We need to get basic info into the top section of each working groups' group page.  Also need to expose it all and remove [more] link. [Kevin will get info]

 On 10/29/2011 05:55 PM, Christian Smith-Socaris wrote:
  Hello Everyone:
 We will have the second Communications Cluster meeting tomorrow, Oct 30 at 7pm in the Atrium at 60 Wall St.
 The Cluster meeting is an opportunity for people active in cluster working groups to work on issues relevant to all groups and help coordinate our efforts.  This meeting will be a continuation of our last where we will further discuss our key audiences, they're information needs and our plan for filling those needs.
 Last time we mapped audiences and needs to get a better sense of what our overall communications needs are.  You can find the grid  here <> . See sheet 2 of that doc for action items coming out of the meeting.
 Other items from last meeting:
 We also discussed catagorizing the groups listed on the site so that people can find what they're looking for better.  Jake and Leia are taking that on and will send a provisional breakdown to WGs seeking feedback on any group that feels miscategorized.
 We also discussed the need to get a list management tool and cooperating on recruiting volunteers.  Christian and others are focusing on making CiviCRM our solution for this.
 Several people are interested in setting up project management tools for the working groups and will be working on getting a trial collabpress module up as a first step.
 Hope to see you on Sunday (tomorrow)!