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Subject:   [september17discuss] ...when does autonomy becomes loneliness? asked the platypus to Dorothy (#OccupyFairyTales)

P & D  (#OccupyFairyTales)
- ...when does autonomy becomes loneliness? asked the platypus to Dorothy.

(dorothy) - i don't know. There is no one around to ask. Do you know, strange critter?

(platypus) - no i don't... sorry! All i know is that life is a tricky thing

(platypus) - Dorothy? where are you? i hear your words but i don't see you...! what is this place?

(dorothy) - i missed you last night [last night]...

I slept alone... [alone]...

(platypus) - what is to love, Dorothy? i am searching all my life.

 I thought it was.. walking the walk together...

(dorothy) - autonomy [autonomy]... happiness [happiness]... read the book [book..]

 of happiness [ness..] happiness is transcendence.. [dance]

(platypus) - no book can teach me how to live happy.. transcendence sucks!
it takes life away to a ghostly plane of faint idealities! stay with me, don't run there. don't use the magical hoodie!!
(dorothy) - blu blu bluuuu!

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