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The Occupations Report: 11/5 - 11/6

REQUEST FOR UPDATES FROM READERS: The Daily Occupations Report needs
your help! We are currently putting together a list of cities that
have been supportive of local Occupy groups and those that have been
less than supportive (i.e.: police crackdowns and evictions).  Please
send your stories and updates to  

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where
additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where
applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal
battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1
[police crackdowns including city code violations] and Category 2
[civil disobedience arrests]

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

This Saturday occupy sites and allies mobilized for the National Bank
Transfer Day of Action. Credit unions report that so far, more than
$4.5 billion in savings have been transferred from big banks. For more
information about the Move Your Money Project, visit
You can also check out - a site that lets anyone
who's moved their money from a big bank tell their story, and speak
with one voice through an ever-growing tally of dollars moved.
VIDEO: [MSNBC report] The Occupy movement is now reaching into
American homes via a television ad. The 30-second ad began airing
Saturday on Bloomberg News, ESPN, CBS Sports and Fox News, among other
networks and is booked through Monday.

Occupy Appleton
Saturday marked day two of Occupy Appleton. Members of the local
movement joined others around the nation and turned their focus toward
corporate banks.  Around 20 Occupy Appleton members descended on
College Avenue, gathering outside of the downtown Chase Bank branch,
calling for people to take their money out of corporate banks.

Occupy Atlanta
The two people arrested Saturday night were taken to Grady Hospital
for injuries inflicted by the police before being taken to jail.  The
two Occupy Atlanta participants had reportedly volunteered to stay in
Troy Davis/Woodruff Park in order to symbolically demonstrate their
right to peacefully assemble while the rest of the Occupy participants
cleared out of the park and began to march around it. As the group
began to march, a large Atlanta police force including motorcycles,
mounted police, officers on foot, a SWAT team in riot gear and a
helicopter moved in and faced off with the marchers. “Peace was
maintained until a policeman on a motorcycle accelerated into a
demonstrator.” Several people were arrested including two student
journalists, a Creative Loafing photographer, a GSU professor, an
uninvolved bystander who had just emerged from a local restaurant and
a staff member from a well-known local church. Today the group will
hold a Non-Violence Teach-In at the park.

Occupy Burlington
[Member report] In solidarity with Bank Transfer Day, Occupy
Burlington held a teach-in and open forum on credit unions as well as
a rally in the afternoon.

Occupy Cleveland
On November 5th Occupy Cleveland linked up with the Tar Sands Movement
and hopped on a free bus heading to today’s “hands around the white

Occupy Dallas
CBS reports that a baby was “seized” from a homeless couple living
within the Occupy Dallas encampment this weekend. The couple says they
will have to find a place to live in order to get their son back and
insist that they have broken no laws.  In other news… Occupy Dallas
members reported Sunday afternoon that the Dallas Police Department
was refusing to give the service numbers for arrested OD members to
the people who were handling the bonds. The group has been waiting for
the service numbers since 9am.

Occupy DC
This weekend thousands of protesters including Occupy DC and Occupy
Portland joined hands around the White House to stand together against
the Keystone XL Pipeline. The demonstration is the latest in a series
of White House protests aimed at convincing President Obama to block
the $7 billion project that would carry Alberta oilsands crude through
six American states to Gulf Coast refineries. President Obama was
reportedly golfing this weekend during the protest. Check out the
photo gallery from Sunday’s protest here:
****** In other news from Occupy DC this weekend… [CBS report]
District of Columbia police and Occupy DC protesters are offering
conflicting accounts about a weekend incident in which a motorist
struck three protesters near a downtown demonstration. Police said
Saturday that after talking to two witnesses, the collision was
unavoidable. But the three people involved in the crash gave a
different story. Heidi Sippel of Vandalia, Ohio, said that she, her 13-
year-old son and her wife Brandy Sippel were taking part in the
demonstration when a silver Lexus sped toward them. The driver slowed
down, threw up his hands in apparent frustration and then drove
forward, hitting them, she said. Brandy Sippel, who is six months
pregnant, was grazed by the car’s rearview mirror. Heidi Sippel said
she and her son were both hit by the front of the car

Occupy Denver
November 5th, Occupy Denver decided to vacate Civic Center Park out of
respect for Denver’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade. Occupy Denver will
reestablish its Occupation at Skyline Park on 16th Street Mall,
directly across from the Denver Federal Reserve building. This
Saturday Occupy Denver protesters moved through downtown Denver to
support Bank Transfer Day. The protesters were urging customers to
drop accounts with large financial institutions. They claim large
banks put profit over the interests of customers.

Occupy Harvard
Wednesday, 70 Harvard University undergraduates staged a walkout of
Economics 10—the largest course at Harvard, with over 700 students—to
protest the course’s conservative bias and in solidarity with the
Occupy movement. Economics 10 is taught by Professor N. Gregory
Mankiw, who also served on the White House Council of Economic
Advisers during the second Bush administration and is currently an
adviser to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s presidential

Occupy Honolulu
[San Francisco Examiner report] Police have arrested roughly a half
dozen protesters after organizers of the Occupy Honolulu movement
attempted to establish an encampment at a local park. Some 20 police
officers arrived late Saturday at the city's Thomas Square. Members of
Occupy Honolulu had said earlier Saturday that they planned to begin
camping at the park starting at its 10 p.m. closing time. About 40
protesters were gathered at the site when authorities began telling
them to leave. A number of those arrested had refused to leave when

Occupy Indianapolis
Occupy Indy protesters marched through downtown Indianapolis, chanting
slogans and holding signs berating the nation's banks following a
rally where they urged people to shift their money from banks to
credit unions.
About 80 protesters marched from the Statehouse to Monument Circle,
pausing outside two banks to chant "This is democracy in action!"
Saturday's march was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement's push to
get people to transfer their money to credit unions to protest the
multibillion-dollar profits banks have enjoyed since receiving federal
bailout funds.

Occupy Jacksonville
[Member report] On Saturday the Jacksonville General Assembly of
Jacksonville, FL voted to begin its occupation of Hemming Plaza in
downtown. The JGA has met every Saturday since October 8 with working
groups meeting throughout the week. Immediately following the vote,
organizers hosted a teach in to prepare those who would stay and for
those who would support.  After sundown, the Jacksonville Sheriff's
Office informed the occupiers that they would have to leave the park
but that the sidewalk in front of City Hall was not considered part of
the park and as long as no structures were erected there would be no
attempt to disperse the group. At daylight the camp moved back to
Hemming Plaza as the second day of the occupation of Jacksonville

Occupy Johnson City
Johnson City joined the Occupy Movement this weekend.  Protesters are
now camping out in a lot near State of Franklin Road in Johnson City.
Food and drink are being provided for the protesters who have set up
Saturday morning the group set up some ground rules for the protest
that started at 3 p.m Saturday afternoon.
Members of the movement say they hope to send a stronger message by
staying there over night.

Occupy Miami
[McClatchy report] A small but boisterous crowd of Occupy Miami
activists stood in front of an open house at the Miami International
Art Institute Saturday to protest what they called unfair student loan
and recruitment practices by the school’s parent company, the
Education Management Corp., which is partly owned by the financial
firm Goldman Sachs. “We’re here to shut down this down, end this,”
said Kevin Young, a 27-year-old protester from Midtown Miami. “We
don’t believe any of us should be slaves to Goldman.” Education
Management is being sued by former employees for allegedly violating
the federal government’s ban on paying commission to recruiters to
enroll students. The U.S. Justice Department has joined in the suit,
followed by attorneys general in California, Illinois and, most
recently, Florida.

Occupy Orange County
Occupy Orange County CA participants have won the right by unanimous
vote to occupy the northeast corner of Harvard Avenue and Alton
Parkway in Irvine. This historic vote of confidence by the city of
Irvine happened after just 11 days of peaceful “occupation” and on the
very same day violence erupted at Occupy Oakland. More than 40
passionate Occupy Orange County CA participants spoke their minds at
the city council meeting. Afterwards, Mayor Pro Tem Beth Krom
requested a motion to vote on granting Occupy Orange County CA the
right to sleep in tents at night and to allow The Peoples’ Village to
become a permanent fixture at the intersection. All five city council
members voted in favor of allowing the 24/7 encampment. In his seven
years on Irvine’s city council, Council Member Steven Choi said he had
never witnessed a group given special consideration after public
comments. “You should be proud,” said Choi.

Occupy Portland
[Oregon Live report] Eleven Occupy Portland protesters lined up and
tied themselves at the plaza late Saturday night. Bosh Paro, of
Portland, said they plan to stay that way "indefinitely." In the
middle of the line is a 50-gallon drum filled with rocks, metals and
hardened cement. On both sides of the drum are two protesters -- one
of whom is Paro -- whose hands are handcuffed to a piece of metal
inside the drum. The rest connected themselves to the two by tying
their ankles together with ropes and bike locks. "People all over
America are getting arrested for practicing their rights," Paro said.
"So if it takes me chaining myself for them to realize it's not right,
then it's worth it." VIDEO: Occupy Portlanders Open Credit Union
Accounts on Bank Transfer Day:

Occupy Sacramento
The group announced today that they will begin hosting weekly Teach-
Ins in Ethics, Morals, and Logic every Wednesday from 1-2pm.

Occupy Seattle
Occupy Seattle’s Bank Transfer Day events kicked off with city council
member Mike O’Brien opening a Verity Credit Union account. He said he
joined the credit union because big banks are "making life difficult
for customers while reaping record profits." By early afternoon, a
couple hundred protesters had gathered outside the Bank of America
branch in Weslake Park while several folks walked in and closed their

Occupy Wall St.
At least 20 Occupy Wall Street demonstrators were arrested Saturday
during a march against big banks that coincided with the so-called
"Bank Transfer Day," though organizers for that event denied any
affiliation with the protests. In a statement released on the Occupy
Wall Street website, protesters said the march was intended "to help
expose the looming cash-for-immunity deal between the Obama
administration and big banks." OWS protesters intended to march from
Zuccotti Park to Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.

Occupy Worcester
Police arrested 22 Occupy Worcester members last night (Saturday).
This came after the group reported the “good news” that after a
meeting with a Worcester City Resident, Mayor Joseph O’Brien of
Worcester expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and
Occupy Worcester. The mayor was scheduled to attend Saturday’s General
Assembly and had reportedly offered the use of the Levi Lincoln Room
and the City Council Chamber for indoor General Assemblies, workshops,
“speak-outs,” and community discussions.

Occupy Bournemouth
[Member report] A small but growing group are settled outside the Town
Hall, Bournemouth. We have lost the court case and have an eviction
notice that will most likely be in effect from Tuesday. A window got
smashed at the Town Hall the morning before the court hearing -
members at the camp called the police and were appalled at the
vandalism, some suspect it could be a set up. The movement in
Bournemouth will relocate to a better location when it gets evicted.

Occupy Vancouver
A woman at Occupy Vancouver was found dead in her tent on Saturday.
The protester reportedly died of a drug overdose. “I thought she was
sleeping” a distraught woman told onlookers during attempts by police
and paramedics to resuscitate the woman. Mayor says the end of the
Occupy Vancouver is now imminent.

Occupy Wellington
Occupy Wellington is getting New Zealand nationwide media attention.
Together with Auckland, Dunedin, Christchurch, Invercargill and other
Occupations we have managed to start discussions going all over the
country. This sunday we host a "Real Free Trade Market" we hope to get
as many people down.
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