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Sent time:   Monday, November 07, 2011 2:50:50 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Media Badges- I NEED NEW PICTURES FROMSOME PEOPLE

what time is the meeting on tuesday?

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PS- if your name wasn't already on the list we went over at saturday's meeting it's too late to get a custom badge, we're trying to get some generic badges made though pending some budget stuff. I'm not sure what will happen in the future as far as making more, they're being distributed at the meeting on tuesday so if you have any questions that would probably be the best time/place to bring them. I'll try to let everyone know about the generic badges as soon as that's figured out.


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hey everybody, the pictures I have for some people are too small & low-resolution to make a media badge, if you get me a replacement image by monday night I can still make you a badge though, the people are:

justin sullivan


nikky schiller

nigel parry

michael premo


josh boss

makh aten

justin sullivan

stephen webber