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Ali was running power to the park. The info/"media" area and also the kitchen. The fined him for having empty propane and gas cans under his cart.

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Just fact checking. Ali's cart is the one further down Cedar and across from The People Staged? He ran a wire or was just charging phones? Was fined $2,000 for that?

I know the second food cart from the intersection of Cedar and Broadway was fined $1,000 for there "being" a generator (not his) next to his cart with a wire to media tent. Don't know if that generator was seized. This was about a week ago.

White Hat

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Sean will be heading down there at 5pm, to Aly's bagel cart on the Cedar side of the park.

Aly has been targeted multiple times by the police for sympathizing and working with us. Most recently fined $2000 and generator seized:


On Nov 7, 2011, at 10:14 AM, Vane wrote:

> What time today??
> On 7 nov, 09:56, Justin Wedes <> wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> So the OWS Street Vendor Project is off to an awesome start, and Sean from the Street Vendor Project is going to be coming by today to begin purchasing the food from the vendors and talking to them about their struggles.
>> Could we get someone to film this?
>> The idea is to make a short video about the partnership.
>> There's also a membership meeting of their street cart union tomorrow, where OWS will definitely be a topic of convo. Sean writes:
>> Our next membership meeting is tomorrow night at 7:30 at our office. However, I know from experience that filming our monthly meeting doesn't work well. The room is very crowded, the lighting is no good, we have six languages going on, etc. You are welcome to come, though -- it may give you some ideas.
>> Anybody up for the challenge?
>> One love,
>> Justin