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Photos by David Bacon

BELLINGHAM and TACOMA, WA - 02-4NOVEMBER11 - Grassroots people and political activists occupy parks in Bellingham and Tacoma, Washington, to support the New York City demonstration, Occupy Wall Street.  Occupiers erect and live in tent camps to protest economic inequality and its impact on working people, students, the poor and the young, calling it a protest by the 99% of the people who are exploited by a system that only benefits the top 1%.

In Bellingtham Steve Riley sets up his tent,  while Mirami McAuliffe sits in the door of hers.  Meanwhile, Kieth Morris gets something to eat in the camp kitchen.

In Tacoma occupiers record a video and post it on the webpage of the camp, in the communications tent.  Tom Thompson smokes a cigarette as he wakes up.

While cars stop at the intersection at the foot of the freeway offramp, next to the camp, occupiers do street theater with signs, wearing the Guy Fawkes masks made famous in the movie V for Vendetta.











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David Bacon, Photographs and Stories