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The Occupations Report: 11/7

Report needs your help! We will soon start adding a section providing
tips and resources for organizing and training activists. If you have
any materials, guides or links to training resources, please send them

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls
to action where additional support from allies/general public may be

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

Tonight: National Movement Building conference call with 200 Occupy
sites at 10pm EST.  Log in or register at

A few Occupy sites in larger cities have been reporting that police
surveillance measures and methods are increasing.  In NYC and Chicago,
particularly, city police departments are erecting monitoring/video
stations leaving some members and media to remember similar
initiatives in 1968.  Some media are asking whether vandalism reports
(like in Oakland) were truly perpetrated by Occupy members or by
undercover police officers.

[Wall Street Journal report] Thousands of people flooded into credit
unions and small banks over the weekend as part of "Bank Transfer
Day," an effort to prod depositors to abandon giant banks. But at
least some of the big banks won't mind losing those customers. On
Saturday, the Boeing Employees' Credit Union in Seattle signed up a
one-day record 659 new members. At the grand opening of a Randolph-
Brooks Federal Credit Union branch in Pflugerville, Texas, the parking
lot was so full that customers had to leave their cars across the

Occupy Asheville
Several Occupy sites are standing in solidarity with Occupy Ashville
today after the group reported that “police have been snatching Occupy
Asheville participants off the streets in retaliation for last week’s
Oakland solidarity march.”  According to OA group members, the
Asheville PD began grabbing Occupy Asheville participants off the
streets Saturday claiming the individuals had been “identified from
police footage of the march.” So far 7 have been arrested, and the
police say there are many more arrests on the way. They are being
charged with resisting public officers, impeding traffic and unlawful
assembly. One person has an additional charge of wearing a mask in

Occupy Atlanta
It was a busy day for Occupy Atlanta today. This morning the group
attended a court hearing for five OA members who were arrested Sunday
night. The 25 arrests made over the weekend included three
journalists, one minister, a college professor, a homeless man and an
uninvolved bystander.  The Atlanta Police Department injured three
people who later required medical attention.
This afternoon, Occupy Atlanta will occupy a foreclosed home in
Snellville Georgia in an effort to stop the sheriff from evicting the
family. Georgia has the 4th highest foreclosure rate in the country.
Occupy Atlanta members say they also hope to use this opportunity to
build the Occupation in Snellville.

Occupy Boston
There will be a march from Dewey Square today at 6 pm in solidarity
with Occupy Worcester and Occupy Atlanta, which were both raided by
the police on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, resulting in
several arrests. We are the 99%, and we stand united.
[ report] At 4:30pm on Friday, November 4th, a
splinter group of about 20 people from Occupy Boston marched from
Dewey Square to the Israeli Consulate at Park Plaza in downtown
Boston.  After about twenty minutes, police gave demonstrators a ten
minute warning to disperse or be subject to arrest.  The march was
held in response to the 23 activists who were halted in their attempt
to deliver aid to Gaza via two flotillas earlier this week.  They were
taken into custody roughly fifty miles from shore by soldiers in the
Israeli Defense Force’s naval blockade of the region. A video of
yesterday’s occupation of the Israeli Consulate:

Occupy Boston Globe
Occupy Boston Globe offers a daily schedule of Free School University
Classes at  Today’s classes included a Teach-In
on Palestine/Gaza:”The Context and Recent Flotilla Attempts to Break
the Israeli Siege;” a workshop: “Your Public School under Attack,
Organizing to Fight Back;” a roundtable discussion: “What is Violence?
What is Non-Violence?” and a lecture: “Historical Conversations for
Democracy.” To see the daily schedule, check out

Occupy Chicago
Concerns Over Police Phone-Tapping [ report]    Activists of the
Occupy Chicago movement say the police have installed “ominous-looking
equipment” near their headquarters and may be intercepting their phone
communications. The Gawker report says the activists have been
spotting unmarked surveillance vans parking directly beneath the
equipment. Meanwhile some activists said their mobile phones have
shown poor performance ever since the equipment was installed. Some
comments say the device mounted on top of the street lamp shown in the
picture is a base station of a wireless network. It may potentially be
used to identify individual mobile phones in the area.
Seniors Join Occupy Chicago Rally [CBS report]   Police arrested 43
people after a morning federal plaza rally by seniors and their
supporters who are protesting cuts to federal social programs. The
large group of seniors joined Occupy Chicago protesters at Federal
Plaza Monday morning for a lively protest. The group held a
demonstration at Federal Plaza, and marched a couple of blocks to
Jackson Boulevard and Clark Street. There, the group staged a sit in.
Chicago Police gently assisted the seniors and removed the protesters
from the area.

Occupy Cincinnati
[Member report] Cincinnati is facing over $26,000 in fines. The group
has been occupying Piatt Park and within a few days of their
occupation, Cincinnati Police Dept began issuing citations of $105 for
every person staying in the park after 10pm. They did this every day
for two weeks and the group has now racked up $26,775 in fines! On Oct
21st police began arresting peaceful protesters, and dismantling the
park. Over the course of three days and several protests, there were
45 arrests. Occupy Cincinnati is now working on ways to be able to
reoccupy the park.

Occupy Colleges
This afternoon, OccupyColleges’ twitter feed reported that students
were occupying Ballou Hall at Tufts University to demand an Africana
Studies Department after a 42 yr struggle to have the program added to
the university.

Occupy CSUB
Dr. Santos, Sociology professor at Cal State University - Bakersfield
talks about the impacts of social movements at an OccupyColleges Teach-
In today. Check out the video from Dr. Santos’ Teach-In here:
OccupyColleges is looking for student and teacher bloggers to write
about their teach-in experience. Please email

Occupy DC
Over 1,200 people from across the United States and Canada with all
different kinds of backgrounds—farmers, ranchers, Gulf Coast
residents, faith leaders, indigenous people and climate activists—
travelled to DC this weekend to send a clear message to the president
that “tar sands oil is a death sentence for the planet.” Read more
about this weekend’s Hands around the White House event:

Occupy Fort Lauderdale
[Member report] The Fort Lauderdale city commissioners of Broward
county, Florida are trying to pass a law saying that anyone speaking
on county property (public property) must get a permit 3 days in
advance.  The permit will then expire after 5 days. Occupy Fort
Lauderdale will attend a meeting tomorrow at 10am to fight for free
speech rights.
CALL TO ACTION: Occupy Fort Lauderdale is asking supporters to call
and email the city commissioners and let them know “that they are
violating our 1st amendment rights.” Contact info for city

BERTHA HENRY ~ County Administrator ~ 954.357.7362 ~
PAM MADISON ~ Deputy County Administrator ~ 954.357.7357 ~
PETE CORWIN ~ Assistant to the County Administrator ~ 954.357.7352 ~
MONICA CEPERO ~ Assistant to the County Administrator ~954. 357. 7354

Kristin Jacobs -
Lois Wexler -
John Rodstrom -
Dale Holness -
Sue Gunzbuger -
Barbara Sharief -
Chip LaMarca -
Ilene Lieberman -
Stacy Ritter -

Occupy Los Angeles
Tonight, the OccupyLA occupation communication committee will be
hosting the InterOccupy conference call with 200 occupation camps
signed up to participate. This is the third conference call
coordinated by occupiers in numerous cities. OccupyLA is honored to be
part of this communication network building. Log in or register for
tonight’s call at

Occupy Oakland
[Local CBS report] Hip hop heavyweights known as much for their fiery
political lyrics as for their bass-pounding beats have been among the
thousands marching, tweeting and sharing dinner with protestors in the
Occupy Oakland protests in recent weeks. MC Hammer, Raymond “Boots”
Riley of hip hop group The Coup, and local rapper Mistah F.A.B. have
become a regular presence at the encampments, taking up bullhorns and
staying until dawn even amid clashes with police. Now, as the far-
flung movement challenging the world’s economic systems and
distribution of wealth gains momentum, the artists say despite their
fame, they, too, stand for the 99 percent. Read more at

“Occupy the Occupiers”
A group called “Young, Jewish and Proud” issued a statement today
urging Jewish people to join OWS in solidarity: “We call for young
Jews and allies nationwide to join in solidarity with Occupy Wall
Street and with our Palestinian siblings living under their own form
of occupation. Let us stand up to the 1% in our own community – the
powerful institutions that support Israel’s corporate-backed military
control of the Palestinian people and act as the gatekeepers for our
community.” To learn more about Young, Jewish and Proud go to

Occupy Portland
[Oregon Live report] The handful of Occupy Portland demonstrators who
relocated to Terry Schrunk Plaza over the weekend are being allowed to
remain in the federal park this morning. Sgt. Pete Simpson, a Portland
police spokesman, said the General Services Administration has decided
not to remove the protesters from the federal plaza. "At this point
they have not asked for our assistance to move anybody," Simpson said.
Four tents were set up in the plaza early this morning.

Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno released a short video explaining what Occupy Reno is all
about.  Check it out here:

Occupy San Francisco
Photos from Occupy San Francisco’s march through the city on National
Bank Transfer Day this Saturday:

Occupy Tulsa
[Tulsa World report] For the first time since police began cracking
down on curfew violations, no Occupy Tulsa protesters were arrested or
cited Sunday night at downtown’s H.A. Chapman Centennial Green, police
 “That’s what we like to see,” Tulsa Police Officer Jason Willingham
said. “As long as they are obeying the law, we will be there to
protect them if need be and will allow them to protest.”

Occupy UConn
UConn Denies "Occupy" Artist the Right to Free Speech. University
officials tell the artist, “You can perform, but you can’t sing that
‘Occupy (We Are the 99%)’ song.” Check out the video of the artist
addressing the UConn crowd
You can also see the song he wasn’t allowed to perform here:

Occupy Wall St.
Read OWS member, Nick Turse’s personal account of a conversation he
had with NYPD about the “creepy watchtower” they’ve erected to take
24/7 video surveillance of OWS protesters:


Occupy Sydney
VIDEO: Occupy Sydney clashes with police

Occupy Toronto
Today marks day Day 24 for Occupy Toronto.  You can check out a photo
essay of the group’s journey at

Occupy Vancouver
[CBS report] The death of a young (homeless) woman at the Occupy
Vancouver protests has prompted the city to announce they will clear
the camp. "I have directed the city manager to expedite the
appropriate steps to end the encampment as soon as possible with a
safe resolution being absolutely critical to that," Mayor Gregor
Robertson said Saturday night. Protesters listening to the mayor's
announcement yelled their disagreement, and accused Robertson of using
the woman's death for political purposes. Police said the cause of
death has not been determined and would not confirm reports the woman
died of a drug overdose. "Shutting down the encampment will not
alleviate the heroin epidemic that's going on in this city," one of
the protesters said. "We need people to pay attention to this fact. We
need funding, we need help."


It’s not too late to transfer your money to a credit union or local
bank. Huffington Post gives The Procrastinator’s Guide to Bank
Transfer Day here:


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