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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: OWS: Yes, we are anti-capitalist!

What alternative has even been allowed to run unimpeded?


Socialism? Social-capitalism is merely a stopgap to make the european

and latin american working class shut up.


Communism? Communism in Russia died in 1921. Maoism is confucianism

with a coat of red paint.


Anarchism? Yes, I guess being beaten by the combined might of Hitler,

Stalin, Mussolini and Franco, despite there being a war between each

other, could count as an objective measurement of failure, assuming

that your ethical standards are those of a jackbooted thug.


Where is the success of capitalism in Africa? Why do we keep being

reminded about the kulaks, but never about the millions who died

during the rubber boom, never about the millions who died during the

dust bowl, never about the millions who died because of Britain's

laissez-mourir approach to famines in India, Ireland, Africa?


Capitalist wealth is the wealth of empire. It's the illusion brought

about by concentration, by homogenization of societies that used to be

heterogenous even there; wealthy countries with wealthy regions with

wealthy cities with wealthy neighborhoods. Hey, some of the country

doesn't have electricity and running water? It's okay, we have

billionaires in the capital who are really enjoying the success of