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Subject: {OWS Info Group} InterOccupation Call Follow-up - minutes, audio, doodle posted

Hello All,

Thank you for attending last night’s call. We were hosting it outdoors from the steps of city hall in Los Angeles. It was a difficult call from OccupyLA as we were experiencing some technical troubles through Maestro, our router, our phone connections, and the bomb squad was at the camp.  As you can imagine that makes for a very exciting, but stressful facilitation.  We would like to thank Michael in NYC for jumping in when we needed it. 


We are going to be troubleshooting these problems with Maestro over this week and invite you to use the doodle schedules on to schedule a time for those breakout groups over the weekend.  We remain committed to providing a place for information sharing and problem-solving.


Also, we would like to remind you about Thursday night’s facilitation call. If you’re interested then email Put in the subject line THURSDAY CALL and we will send you information.


As well, if you have announcements that you would like put into the notes, email us at and we will get them on the site.


As we strengthen our methods of communication and enroll more ‘committees of correspondence’ from GA to GA, we should always remain mindful of the ways technology can bring us together and the ways it limits our capacity for direct democratic participation.  It is our aim to facilitate the communication networks between occupations and create a space for valuable dialogue.  Thank you again for participating. 

Notes and audio from last night's call can be found at



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