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Could the events possibly have popouts instead so there's no page refresh to see them? NOT that important.

Didn't think about it. Good idea.

2. Could there be 4 "comment" sections for camera, sound, lighting, production,,,,so ppls could sign up right there?

You read my mind about that comment section and signing up for shoots. See below...

U get what I'm saying? This way its very public and exciting who's volunteering/collabing...

I agree. It could be right there. Next best is to have the event pointing to a front end sign up sheet. Right now when someone comments it goes across all the events. I asked about making each event comment separate.� We will see where it goes. 1st thing is all about coordination among media peeps and projects. The front and back end don't meet so we may have to go with something embedded that has seperate front end access for all.

Mostly waiting for internet to catch up to our needs... Once I can get code in the pages we can do those things. But it has to be separate from the events calendar because their code is too narrow for our needs. Going to build SOMETHING. Keeping your spreadsheets and thoughts in the mix

Rock on!!!!

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You too. See you soon.


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Since the blog is being debugged the calendar has been taken offline - I will try to recover wed. schedule and email it out in the morning.