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Lots of early morning events. Nothing on the calendar Compiled from emails. Will update if I find new things to do.

Street Theater today in the Park - not sure of times - the email mention 7am


Occupy the Highway is leaving Wednesday, at noon.

I went to the end of their meeting at 60 Wall today -- CBS Radio
reporter in tow.
This is a great press story, and we need to support them with getting
local media for them en route -- radio, talk shows, print, TV, etc.
Someone should dedicate him or herself to this -- wonderful way to get
the OWS story out -- local media and national.
Seems like a really together group -- an organizer, Michael Glazer
understood the importance of press, and was thrilled to talk to
reporters, to do local media, etc.
They'll be visiting Occupy Philly, Occupy Trenton and Occupy
Baltimore, "nightly GAs and dicussions along the route."
They're planning on getting to D.C. in time for the Congressional
Super Committee meeting on November 23 -- 'to protest the Bush tax
cuts that only benefit the top 1%'

Michael, 630.618.9707,, Twitter{@NYCmarch2DC

Douglas Rushkoff

Liberty Plaza
Liberty Plaza - New York City

Date(s) - 9 Nov 2011
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Liberty Plaza
in the Library


Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life Inc., Open Source Democracy, and Program or be Programmed will be speaking at the People’s Library.

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Call To Action
Bloomberg  is having a conference bringing together REBNY members who will be addressing the current economic downturn and how it affects their industry. Related Co and many other millionaires will be there. Event link
Objective: The main objective for this action is to return Walmart to sender Stephen Ross, Related’s CEO, by sending back to him Walmart boxes delivered by New Yorkers.
Message: New Yorkers return big box Walmart to sender Related Co
General Goals: To send a message to all developers in NYC that they should not be doing business with Walmart. To make an example out of Related and show them that if they make a deal with Walmart for their first store, that it will open the floodgates for 159 stores in NYC.
General Description:
We will have two people going inside the building to pass out business cards sending the message. " Don't be Related to Walmart", when this person gets kicked out, a delegation of  residents from the five boroughs will go into the building and try to personally delivered a bouquet of flowers inside a box that says: Return to Sender, Walmart to Stephen Ross from New Yorkers. The delegation will try to go to ask to delivered this personally, but they will be probably will be ask to leave.  As the delegation is heading outside they will be received with music and floods of people chanting and singing outside in the plaza. There will be bikers arriving in costumes dressed up as Walmarts, following people who are going to be dressed up as boroughs and a big contingency of people rally around them. Musicians will play the song from flash mob and people will sing and dance. While the song is being play and people are dancing, a group of people will pull out a bag of balloons and send it as high as possible with a message for Stephen Ross "Don't be Related to Walmart".
Maritza Silva-Farrell
ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York
50 Broadway, Suite 1602
New York, NY 10004
P: 212-701-9474  F: (888) 370-3085 M: (631-375-2244)
New York Jobs with Justice and Urban Agenda are now ALIGN: The Alliance for a Greater New York. Please visit our new website, to learn more.