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Subject:   [september17discuss] Columbia students stand in solidarity with Sotheby's workers - please watch share and sign!

Dear friends!

About two weeks ago, Oct 28th, a group of Columbia students stood up in solidarity with Sotheby's locked-out art handlers during a Columbia Law School alumni event sponsored by Sotheby's and featuring Sotheby's speakers -- But the real reason to protest Sotheby's and Columbia's entanglement is that Columbia's Ex-President and current Chancellor Kent Professor of Law is the Chairman of the Board of Sotheby's! Michael Sovern has the power to end the lock-out, and that is why we at Columbia must act.

We made a video!

and if you are at all affiliated with columbia please sign our petition!

if you arent affiliated with Columbia def please sign the broad petition!
(and ofc columbia sign that too!)

Thank you all!

Sotheby's demands cuts to their art handlers' wages, pensions, and hours.

Sotheby's demands hiring non-union art handlers, thereby union-busting.

Sotheby's made a record-breaking $680 Million this year and pays their CEO $60,000 a day therefore having No Reason to demand any cuts.

Sotheby's refuses to negotiate in good faith with its art handlers and has instead Locked Them Out for 12 Weeks.

And Sotheby's is Columbia.

The Chairman of the Board of Sotheby's is the Chancellor Kent Professor of Law at Columbia University and used to be the President of Columbia University--

Michael Sovern.

We find his actions, and Columbia's connection to them, inexcusable.

If anyone has the power to end the lockout, it is Michael Sovern.

We demand he do so.

-the uprisers