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As a "quick fix" Final Cut Pro X has a 30 day free (fully functiona)l

trial, something they've never done before actually. BTW I find FCP X

excellent for web video (over FCP7) for a variety of reason (and I'm

very experienced with FCP7). Obviously after 30 days one needs to

investigate "alternatives." BTW unlike FCP7, FCPX isn't hard limited

to certain number of active installs. One purchased iTunes/App Store

account can install it on multiple computers "used by the purchaser."

It might be a worthy budget item for the media group.

Absolutely excellent FREE tutorial (several hours long) for FCPX


Yes it's a very different beast than FCP7 but it's excellent for

direct editing of AVCHD and H.264 .mp4, H.264 .mov without converting

to Apple ProRes (or you can have do the conversion in the background

for better performance).




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> I need final cut ASAP. Can anyone assist?


> Please respond privately.


> Thanks,


> Fix