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Subject:   RE: [september17discuss] An OWS Seminar on the Commons?

ALSO ANWAR SHAIKH at the New School Economics


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Subject: [september17discuss] An OWS Seminar on the Commons?


dear all,


given the super-interesting discussion we are developing right now I was

wondering whether this list would be interested in putting together a

seminar on the Commons.


We could invite theorists such as Michael Hardt, Silvia Federici, George

Caffentzis and Elinor Ostrom, plus anyone interested from the OWS

Working Groups to see whether we could set this debate in motion--i.e.

use it for developing both a strategic vision and multiple lines of action.


If there is a shared interest I can contact a few of them and see

whether we can find an adequate space to hold the seminar.